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Points of Historic Interest in Washoe County

Von Schmidt Monument Historic Park Near Verdi The park is located in the pine grove pictured in the foreground
Von Schmidt Monument Historic Park Near Verdi 18 March 2016
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Von Schmidt Monument Historic Park
Henness Pass Road (Dog Valley Road) at the California/Nevada Border
Northwest of Verdi

Von Schmidt Monument Historic Park is a small park located northwest of Verdi at the Nevada/California border on a quiet rural road which is named Dog Valley Road in Nevada and Henness Pass Road in California.

The park is named for Allexey Von Schmidt who surveyed the Nevada/California boundary in 1872-73 and marked the boundary here with a cast iron obelisk which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1981.

An interpretive marker in the park reads:


You are standing at a crossroads of human history that goes back to the time of the mammoth hunters. This passage over the Sierra Nevada was a key route for Native Americans, mountain men, wagon-train pioneers, miners, stage coaches and travelers along the Lincoln Highway.

Archaeologists documented that this area was a transportation corridor for thousands of years. It was used by migrating nomadic groups and was a trade route for the Washoe Tribe and others. The game trails became Indian footpaths and mountain men blazed wagon routes that became stage roads, railroads, and finally, automobile highways. At or near this place, the histories of Nevada, California, and the nation were forged by the people who have moved across the Sierra since the dawn of time.

Von Schmidt Monument Historic Park has three interpretive markers in addition to the Overview marker and the National Register marker: Henness Pass Road, Truckee/Donner Trail and the Town of Crystal Peak.

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