National Register of Historic Places in Storey County

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National Register #66000458
Virginia City Historic District
Founded 1859

Virginia City, on the Comstock Lode, was the first silver rush town; it was also the first area in the West where the methods of large-scale industrial and corporate enterprise were intensely applied and developed. As the experimental laboratory for these techniques, which were introduced with such success between 1860 and 1864, Virginia City thus became the prototype of the subsequent important mining towns that appeared on the mining frontier in Colorado, Idaho, Montana and eastern Nevada.

The influence of the Comstock Lode, 1860-1880, was enormous. Wealth was poured into San Francisco, establishing that city as the Queen City of the Pacific Coast. Unlike the California gold rush, which distributed the money widely, a small number of individuals accumulated immense fortunes from the Comstock Mines.

Source: Adapted from the NRHP nomination submitted in 1992.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Storey County Courthouse1876Building 1b01Storey County Courthouse
Fourth Ward School1876Building 2b02Fourth Ward School
St. Mary's in the Mountain Catholic Church1876Building 3b03St. Mary's in the Mountain Catholic Church
St. Paul's Episcopal Church1876Building 4b04St. Paul's Episcopal Church
First Presbyterian Chirch1867Building 5b05First Presbyterian Chirch
Piper's Opera House1883Building 6b06Piper's Opera House
Knights of Pythias Hall1876Building 7ab07aKnights of Pythias Hall
Miners' Union Hall1876Building 7bb07bMiners' Union Hall
Territorial Enterprise1862Building 8b08Territorial Enterprise
Castle1868Building 9b09Castle
Savage House1876Building 10b10Savage House
Mackay Mansion1860Building 11b11Mackay Mansion
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