National Register of Historic Places in Mendocino County

Iverson House in Point Arena 28 February 2018
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National Register #90001353
Iverson House
40 Iverson Avenue
Point Arena
Built: c.1875

The following paragraph is quoted verbatim from the NRHP nomination submitted in 1990.

"This building is an excellent example of houses that were built in Point Arena after the period of settlement in the 1860s. It has the side-facing gable of earlier dwellings, but it is larger, with an imposing roof covering a set of rooms at the rear. The design is still strictly functional, however, and no ornamentation is present. Integrity is high, although the full-width front porch may have replaced a smaller portico ca. 1930 The house is one of the last buildings in town connected to the Iversen family. Niels Iversen came to Point Arena in 1865 and became a merchant and hotel-owner. His business ventures prospered, and by 1880 only one resident of the township had property worth more than Iversen did. Although it is not known whether Iversen lived in this house himself, members of the Iversen family resided here for several generations. The building meets the registration requirements for its property type. The garage may be over fifty years old, but it was not built at the time of the house and does not contribute to the historical associations of the property."

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