National Register of Historic Places in Mariposa County, California

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National Register #78000354
Yosemite Village Historic District
Yosemite National Park

This historic district of 460 acres contains sixty-five contributing buildings.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Pioneer CemeteryB000Pioneer Cemetery
Superintendent's Residence1912Building 1The original design duplicated Building 2, but Building 1 was rebuilt in 1929 and remains a fine example of the National Park Service Rustic architectural style.B001Superintendent's Residence
Residence1911Building 2Buildings 2, 4, 5 and 13 are the only surviving Army buildings on the valley floor. All were moved from their original nearby locations.B002Residence
Residence1911Building 4See Building 2B004Residence
Residence1912Building 5See Building 2B005Residence
Residence1922Building 9B009Residence
Residence1922Building 10B010Residence
Residence1922Building 11B011Residence
Residence1922Building 12B012Residence
Residence1914Building 13See Building 2B013Residence
Residence1919Building 16B016Residence
Residence1926Building 17B017Residence
Residence1919Building 18B018Residence
Residence1918Building 19B019Residence
Residence1918Building 20B020Residence
Residence1919Building 21B021Residence
Residence1930Building 34B034Residence
Residence1931Building 47B047Residence
Residence1931Building 48B048Residence
Apartment Building1930Building 48B048Apartment Building
Residence1923Building 54B054Residence
Residence1923Building 55B055Residence
Rangers' ClubBuilding 56B056Rangers' Club
Residence1923Building 57B057Residence
Dormitory1932Building 58B058Dormitory
Dormitory1932Building 59B059Dormitory
Apartment Building1934Building 60B060Apartment Building
Residence1934Building 61B061Residence
Residence1934Building 62B062Residence
Residence1934Building 63B063Residence
Residence1940Building 66This house and Building 67 were the last built before WWII stopped constuction in the National Parks.B066Residence
Residence1940Building 67B066Residence
Residence1951Building 70Last residence built to the rustic standards of the 1930's.B070Residence
Superintendent's Garage1912Building 300B300Superintendent's Garage
Transformer House1920Building 509B509Transformer House
Park Administration Building1924Building 575B575Park Administration Building
Museum Building1926Building 576B576Museum Building
Post Office1925Building ???B577Post Office
Pohono Indian Studio1925Building ???B578Pohono Indian Studio
Ansel Adams Gallery1925Building 900Five-building comples built by musician and painter, Harry Cassie Best. In 1936, the property was inherited by his daughter Virginia and her husband, Ansel Adams.B900Ansel Adams Gallery
Ansel Adams Gallery1925Building 901DarkroomB901Ansel Adams Gallery
Ansel Adams Gallery1925Building 902ResidenceB902Ansel Adams Gallery
Ansel Adams Gallery1925Building 903GarageB903Ansel Adams Gallery
Ansel Adams Gallery1925Building 904ResidenceB904Ansel Adams Gallery
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