Marin County Points of Interest

Muir Beach Overlook Looking North Marin County Headlands and San Francisco to the north

Sutro Tower and Point Bonita Lighthouse viewed from Muir Beach Overlook A closer look at the previous photo reveals Sutro Tower and Point Bonita Lighthouse

Muir Beach Overlook

Muir Beach Overlook

Base-end station at Muir Beach Overlook Base-End Station

Falcons Nesting at Muir Beach Overlook

All Photos 27 April 2022
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Muir Beach Overlook
Seascape Drive
Muir Beach

Muir Beach Overlook is located within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. A staircase and path lead to an overlook on top of a large rock in the surf. I am not aware of a similar perch anywhere on the California coast.

Also here are several observation posts, known as base-end stations, which were part of the San Francisco Bay coastal defense system. Soldiers viewed ships through telescopes and plotted their distance, speed, and direction in order to aim nearby coastal defense guns.

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