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Point of Historic Interest: Wassama Village 28 October 2012
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Wassama Village
Wassama Roundhouse State Historic Park
Road 628

Wassama Village

The village of Wassama (Leaves Falling) is the site of the last above ground Southern Miwok roundhouse.

Built in 1903, religious ceremonies, dancing and gambling took place on the site until 1937. Southern Miwok dances, including the 1870 ghost dance, are known to have been performed in the roundhouse. The village also contains a cemetary, cremation site and mourning area. Originally the Miwok practiced cremation, but this was later discouraged by Spanish padres and ground burial was encouraged.

Dedicated October 11, 1986 by E Clampus Vitus

Grub Gulch Chapter 41-49

The Wassama Roundhouse is California Historical Landmark 1001. The commemorative marker is located a few hundred yards south of here at the intersection of State Route 49 and Road 628.

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