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Point of Historic Interest: Grub Gulch, California 28 October 2012
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Grub Gulch
Road 600
Grub Gulch
Year 1880

Grub Gulch

"Gold Fever" hit the streams in Madera County in 1849. Grub Gulch got its name from the fact that "miners could always pan enough gold from the river to grubstake themselves into better times."

Grub Gulch developed after the Gambetta Mine opened in 1880. Other local mines included the Mammoth Mine, the Enterprise Mine, and the Josephine Mine.

Local legend says the peak population reached 5000. In its time there were two hotels, a rooming house, five saloons, a grocery store, and a general merchandise store, but never a church.

Grub Gulch was burned down in 1920.

Dedicated May 5th, 1990
Grub Gulch Chapter 41-49
E Clampus Vitus

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