National Register of Historic Places in Inyo County

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National Register #78000297
Death Valley Scotty Historic District
North Highway
Death Valley National Park

Located on the western slope of the Grapevine Mountains, the Death Valley Scotty Historic District includes two separate building complexes, Scotty's Castle and Scotty's Ranch.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Scotty's Castle Main House and Annex1922SC-2SC002Scotty's Castle Main House and Annex
Motel-Garage Unit1922SC-7SC007Motel-Garage Unit
Hacienda-Great House1922SC-1SC001Hacienda-Great House
Gas HouseSC-5SC005Gas House
Chimes Tower1926SC-3SC003Chimes Tower
Powerhouse and Pavilion1928SC-4SC004Powerhouse and Pavilion
Scotty's "Original Castle"1916SC-9SC009Scotty's "Original Castle"
Solar Heat1929SC-10SC010Solar Heat
Entrance Gates1931SC-12SC012Entrance Gates
Swimming Pool1931SC-18SC018Swimming Pool
Gravel SeparatorSC-16SC016Gravel Separator
Powder Storage StructureSC-17SC017Powder Storage Structure
Scotty's Ranch House1930SC-23SC023Scotty's Ranch House
Ranch House GarageSC-24SC024Ranch House Garage
Grain Shed and CorralSC-25SC025Grain Shed and Corral
Blacksmith ShedSC-26SC026Blacksmith Shed
Wooden BridgeSC-27Approximately one mile northeast of ranch.SC027Wooden Bridge
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