California Historical Landmarks in Inyo County

California Historical Landmark 211
Mayfield Canyon Battleground
Ranger Station Road
Northwest of Bishop
Year 1862

California Historical Landmark #211: Mayfield Canyon Battleground in Owens Valley
We were unable to locate a historical marker, but we think that the battle occurred near this location.

17 February 2007
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Mayfield Canyon Battleground

On April 8, 1862, a body of troopers and settlers entered Mayfield Canyon (named for one of the settlers) to fight the Indians supposed to be there. However, the Indians had evacuated the canyon so the group made camp at its mouth. The next day they went up the canyon again, but this time they were forced to retreat to Owens Valley.

Citation from California Office of Historic Preservation

We were unable to locate a bear flag plaque for this landmark. Here's a list of other California Historical Landmarks which had no bear flag plaque when we visited them.

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