Historic Sites and Points of Interest in El Dorado County

Mormon Island Relocation Cemetery

Mormon Island Relocation Cemetery 17 October 2022
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Mormon Island Relocation Cemetery
Shadowfax Lane
El Dorado Hills
Established 1954

In the late 1940s, plans to create the Folsom Dam at the confluence of the North and South Forks of the American River meant many acres of land would be flooded, including several historic cemeteries.

In 1954, 384 remains from several cemeteries were moved to the Mormon Island Relocation Cemetery, including Old Mormon Island, Negro Hill, McDowell Hill, Condemned Bar, Carrolton Bar, Doton’s Bar, Natural Dam, and Salmon Falls. Five individuals buried in isolated graves outside of established cemeteries were also relocated here.

Adapted from the placard near the cemetery entrance.

Four of the cemeteries relocated here are California historical landmarks: Mormon Island, Negro Hill, Salmon Falls, Condemned Bar.

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