California Historical Landmarks in Calaveras County

California Historical Landmark 769
Birthplace of Archie Stevenot
4795 Highway 49
South of Angels Camp
Born 1882

California Historical Landmark #769: Stevenot Birthplace
California Historical Landmark #769: Stevenot Birthplace
18 April 2008
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To Honor Archie Stevenot
"Mr. Mother Lode"

He was born Sept. 25, 1882 on the old Stevenot Homestead, one-half mile west of this marker, son of Emile K. and Sarah E. Stevenot and the grandson of Gabriel K. Stevenot, Calaveras County pioneer who pitched tent there in April, 1850.

Student, salesman, miner, rancher, post master, school board member and General Superintendent of the nearby Carson Hill Mine, he has spent a productive lifetime in this region. He established the Mother Lode Highway Association in 1919, serving as president or director until 1950 when it joined into the Golden Chain Council. One of the organizers of the California State Chamber of Commerce. One of organizers of Mother Lode Baseball League. A native son and one of the states favorites, there is hardly an activity for the benefit of California and the Mother Lode with which he has not been identified.

To our Supreme Noble Grand Humbug of the Grand Council of E. Clampus Vitus, Inc., this marker is affectionately dedicated this 14th day of October, 1961.

Matuca Chapter, E. Clampus Vitus No. 1849

The Stevenot historical marker stands beside California Historical Landmark 274, Carson Hill. Stevenot is also commemorated at the site of Robinson's Ferry.
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