George Applegarth (1876-1972)

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George A. Applegarth was born in Oakland, California, in 1876. He began his career as a draftsman at the San Francisco architectural firm Wright & Sanders.

Applegarth studied under Bernard Maybeck at the University of California, Berkeley. He then attended the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he received his diploma in 1906. Upon his return to the United States, Applegarth formed a partnership with Kenneth MacDonald which lasted for six years. Applegarth then practiced on his own.

In 1917, the Pacific Coast Shipbuilding Company built a company town named Clyde near Port Chicago in Contra Costa County. Maybeck was hired as supervising architect. Applegarth was hired as acting architect. Maybeck designed a hotel and two hundred or so houses. Applegarth drew many of the architectural plans.

Applegarth's major works include residential and commercial projects for the Spreckels family, the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, the Clift Hotel, and the Downtown Center Garage.

Applegarth died in 1972 at the age of 96 after driving himself to hospital when he became ill.

Name Year Address City Sort Address Sort Name
Apartment Building19091-11 3rd AvenueSan Francisco Avenue 0001Apartment Building
Cliff Hotel1913491-499 Geary StreetSan FranciscoGeary 0491Cliff Hotel
Crockett Apartments19121649-1651 Market StreetSan FranciscoMarket 1649Crockett Apartments
Downtown Center Garage1953325 Mason StreetSan FranciscoMason 0325Downtown Center Garage
Eyre Building1907161 Kearny StreetSan FranciscoKearny 0161Eyre Building
Forrest Building19081053-1055 Market StreetSan FranciscoMarket 1053Forrest Building
Heineman Building1910130 Bush StreetSan FranciscoBush 0130Heineman Building
Holbrook Building (Demolished c1983 and replaced by One Sansome)191258-64 Sutter StreetSan FranciscoSutter 0058-0064Holbrook Building (Demolished c1983 and replaced by One Sansome)
Metropolis Trust and Savings Bank1907623-631 Market StreetSan FranciscoMarket 0634Metropolis Trust and Savings Bank
Oceanic Building (Demolished c1979 and replaced by 101 California)19192 Pine StreetSan FranciscoPine 0002Oceanic Building (Demolished c1979 and replaced by 101 California)
Palace of the Legion of Honor1924Legion of Honor Drive San FranciscoLegion of HonorPalace of the Legion of Honor
Phoenix Building1908220-228 Grant AvenueSan FranciscoGrant 0220Phoenix Building
Residence1915201 Locust StreetSan FranciscoLocust 0201Residence
Residence1916 2775 VallejoSan FranciscoVallejo 2775Residence
Residence1916 2785 VallejoSan FranciscoVallejo 2785Residence
Residence19153730 Washington StreetSan FranciscoWashington 3730Residence
Residences on Presidio Terrace19083, 4, 5, 27, 30, 34 Presidio TerraceSan FranciscoPresidio Terrace 0003Residences on Presidio Terrace
Sachs Building1908132 Geary StreetSan FranciscoGeary 0132Sachs Building
Spreckels Mansion19122080 Washington StreetSan FranciscoWashingtonSpreckels Mansion
St. Andrew Hotel1907438 Post StreetSan FranciscoPost 0438St. Andrew Hotel
Union Furniture Store1909San FranciscoMarket 1017Union Furniture Store
Heineman Building
130 Bush Street
Built 1910
Photographed 28 November 2019

The Heineman Building stands on a lot that is only twenty feet wide. It is flanked by the much larger Adam Grant Building and Shell Oil Building.

It was built as a manufactory for belts, ties and suspenders. Prismatic glass in the windows directed light into the workspaces.

Another skinny highrise, the Roullier Building, is a few blocks away on Kearny Street.

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