National Register of Historic Places in Alameda County

National Register #87000068: Presidential Yacht USS Potomac Docked in Oakland
29 April 2012
  Faux Delano Roosevelt Aboard the Presidential Yacht USS Potomac Faux Delano Roosevelt on Opening Day 2005
25 April 2005

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National Register #87000068
USS Potomac
1660 Embarcadero
Launched 1936

The USS Potomac is one of three surviving major vessels used as presidential yachts.

The Potomac served only one president, President Franklin D. Roosevelt between 1936 and 1945. She was a major symbol of his presidency. Briefings, meetings, and decisions were made on board. She provided transportation to a rendezvous with Winston Churchill to arrange the Atlantic Charter in 1940.

Restored to her 1939 appearance, she is a working museum vessel.

Adapted from the National Register Statement of Significance for the Presidential Yacht USS Potomac

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