Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Yuba County

Silver Dollar Saloon and Bok Kai Temple Gate Silver Dollar Saloon and Bok Kai Temple Gate
Lord Sholto Douglas 23 September 2013
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Lord Sholto Douglas
330 1st Street

Two plaques are mounted on the façade of the Silver Dollar Saloon, one for New Mecklenberg and one for Lord Sholto Douglas.

The latter plaque reads:

Lord Sholto Douglas

Within these walls, on Jan. 22, 1896, Lord Sholto Douglas, theatrical entrepreneur, and son of the Marquis of Queensbury of pugilistic fame, was initiated into the mysteries of ECV. Though Douglas went on to riches, subsequent publicity of his initiation into ECV virtually shut down the Marysville Lodge.

Dedicated March 19, 1986
Wm. Bull Meek - Wm. Morris Stewart Chapter 10
Lord Sholto Douglas Chapter 3
E Clampus Vitus.

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