National Register of Historic Places in Yuba County, California

Tower Theatre in Marysville, California
Tower Theatre
14 December 2005
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National Register #99000692
Marysville Historic Commercial District
Bounded By First, Sixth, C, and E Streets
Period: 1850-1949

The Marysville Historic Commercial District contains fifty-nine contributing buildings representing the development of commerce in the city from the mid-nineteenth century to just after the end of the Second World War. The district provides the city's only sizable collection of commercial buildings constructed before 1948.

Commercial activity in the downtown area began during the Gold Rush. Miners sailed up the Feather and Yuba Rivers to reach the gold fields in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Charles Covillaud owned a owned a trading post and livestock ranch north of the confluence of the rivers. In 1849, he laid out a new town, and began selling lots. By 1850 the town had become the main supply point for thousands of miners upriver in the foothills. Several dozen businesses operated from canvas tents and other impermanent structures along the Yuba River. The permanent population reached about five hundred.

Marysville grew rapidly in the 1850s, became th3 Yuba County seat in 1850, and incorporated in 1851. The population reached around four thousand by 1860.

Capital investment increased. Spurred by a flood and several major fires, businessmen replaced tents and other flimsy structures with larger buildings made of brick. Local kilns were kept busy, as nearly 140 brick commercial buildings went up between 1851 and 1855.

Many miners were immigrants from China, who sought goods and services from fellow countrymen. Part of the commercial district became their center for supplies and temporary housing. The permanent Chinese population in town rose to around one thousand by 1860. Marysville became Sam Fou, the third most important city for Chinese in California.

The district did not grow much between 1860 and 1900.

At the beginning of the 20th century, irrigation canals from local rivers allowed farmers to subdivide their huge wheat fields into smaller farms for raising fruits and vegetables. By the 1920s Yuba County and neighboring Sutter County were producing half the world's supply of clingstone peaches. Other important crops were rice, raisins, prunes, and beans.

Twenty commercial buildings were constructed during the 1920s and many other buildings were ronovated.

Two buildings in particular represent this era of prosperity, expansion and optimism. The Hart Building, designed for offices, rose seven stories and became what was probably the tallest commercial structure between Sacramento and Portland. The five story Hotel Marysville, financed by a group of local businessmen, offered travelers accommodations as elegant as those found in any small city in California.

Adapted from the NRHP nomination.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Former Automobile Shop1915221-227 Third Street Street 03 221Former Automobile Shop
Livery Stable1880222 Third StreetOriginally a livery stable and later a saloon. Street 03 222Livery Stable
Sping Hotel1892411-413 Third StreetOriginally part of Spring Hotel. First storey modernized around 1955. Street 03 411Sping Hotel
Three Stores1925410-414 Third Street Street 03 410Three Stores
Bank1941413-415 Fourth StreetOriginally a bank; Modernist design Street 04 413Bank
Dry Goods Store and Apartments1921419 Fourth StreetDry goods store from 1921 until 1970. Storefront remodeled around 1960. Street 04 419Dry Goods Store and Apartments
Hart Building1926421-425 Fourth StreetNational Register Listing #82002285 Street 04 421Hart Building
Apartment Building1902317-331 Fifth Street Street 05 317Apartment Building
Stores and Residential1867401-407 Fifth Street19th Century building with a 1920 addition and 1965 remodeling.. Street 05 401Stores and Residential
Delta Building1923417-425 Fifth Street Street 05 417Delta Building
Hotel Marysville1926418-430 Fifth StreetReinforced concrete with brick facing. Street 05 418Hotel Marysville
Grocery Store1930512 Fifth Street Street 05 512Grocery Store
Vehicle Repair Shop1880227 C Street Street C 227Vehicle Repair Shop
Travelers Hotel1912229-231 C Street Street C 229Travelers Hotel
Nakagawa Company1857306 C Street Street C 306Nakagawa Company
Store1893308 C StreetFa├žade treatment probably dates to 1920's. Street C 308Store
Store1880317 D StreetStorefront probably dates to 1950's. Street D 317Store
Store1886319-321 D Street Street D 319Store
Store1884320 D Street Street D 320Store
Store1893325 D Street Street D 325Store
Store1888326-330 D StreetRemodeled c.1925 Street D 326Store
Marysville Water Company1888327-331 D StreetA fourth storey which held water tanks was added c.1910, then removed c.1955 Street D 327Marysville Water Company
1880332 D Street Street D 332
1900401-405 D StreetRenovated c.1925 and again c.1980 Street D 401
1925419 D Street Street D 419
Woolworth's1937420 D Street Street D 420Woolworth's
Store1925421-423 D StreetStorefronts remodeled since 1948 Street D 421Store
Stores1929402-410 E StreetBuilding appears mostly unaltered Street E 402Stores
Montgomery Ward1929412-414 E StreetStorefronts have been variously altered Street E 412Montgomery Ward
1929420-422 E StreetEssentially unaltered except for parapets Street E 420
1940513 E Street Street E 513
State Theater1927515 E StreetSpanish Colonial Revival Street E 515State Theater
Store1947525 E StreetBuilding appears to be unaltered. Street E 525Store
Bus Depot1947527-529 E StreetBuilding appears to be little altered. Street E 527Bus Depot
Pacific Gas and Electric Regional Headquarters1927530 E Street Street E 530Pacific Gas and Electric Regional Headquarters
1888223 First Street Street 01 223
1888226 First Street Street 01 226
Kim Wing Building 19131858228 First StreetOriginally a one-storey building with the second storey added in 1913. No significant alterations since 1913. Street 01 228Kim Wing Building 1913
Store1860230 First StreetOriginally a one-storey building. No apparent alterations since the addition of the seconf storey. Street 01 230Store
Store1858232 First StreetSecond storey added around 1925. No apparent alterations since. Street 01 232Store
Suey Sing1862301 First StreetSuey Sing is a Chinese business and fraternal organization. Street 01 301Suey Sing
Mixed Retail and Residential1860310 First Street Street 01 310Mixed Retail and Residential
Mixed Retail and Residential1860312 First Street Street 01 312Mixed Retail and Residential
Bordello1860320 First StreetOriginally retail and residential; later, the second floor housed the most notorious bordello in Marysville Street 01 320Bordello
Bordello Annex1858322 First StreetOriginally retail and residential; later, an annex of the bordello next door Street 01 322Bordello Annex
Various Commercial Establishments1854330 First Street Street 01 330Various Commercial Establishments
Residence186025 C StreetResidential since 1909 Street C 025Residence
Chinese Hospital1925East of 25 C StreetFor many years a Chinese hospital and rest home Street C 025AChinese Hospital
Chinese Restaurant and Gambling House1856101 C StreetFor many years a Chinese restaurant and gambling house Street C 101Chinese Restaurant and Gambling House
Grocery Store1858103 C StreetOriginally a grocery and later a restaurant Street C 103Grocery Store
Mixed Retail and Residential1915107 C Street Street C 107Mixed Retail and Residential
Mission School1858112 C StreetOriginally commercial and then a Mission School. Street C 112Mission School
Mixed Retail and Residential1925118 C Street Street C 118Mixed Retail and Residential
Female Boarding House18877 D StreetResidential, originally "female boarding" Street D 007Female Boarding House
Tower Theater1946103 D Street Street D 103Tower Theater
Bag Manufacturer1870113 D StreetThe storefront was modernized in 1940 Street D 113Bag Manufacturer
Commercial1870115 D Street Street D 115Commercial
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