Trinity County Points of Interest

Jumper Sawmill in Trinity National Forest 7 November 2011
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Jumper Sawmill
State Route 3 at Little Browns Creek Road
Trinity National Forest
Built 1880s

The marker reads:

Jumper Sawmill

In the 1880's George Jumper established a steam powered sawmill 300' east of this monument, above the confluence of Little Brown's Creek and China Gulch. An 80' long building housed the mill. Oxen teams of ten or more were used to pull long, four wheel carts loaded with logs to the mill. Timber close in was "skidded" directly to the mill by oxen. Circular saws were used to cut the lumber. Much of the work in a mill like this was hard, physical labor. This mill, like so many others, lasted until the timber in the immediate area was logged.

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