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National Register of Historic Places in Solano County, California

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National Register #73000460
Vallejo Old City Historic District
Bounded By Sonoma Boulevard, Monterey Street, Carolina Street, York Street

Vallejo Old City Historic District was the location of many of Vallejo's first Victorian homes. Because of the steep hill, the area was never developed commercially.

Today the district contains examples of Victorian architectures dating from the 1850's. While none of these houses have the lavish scale often associated with the Victorian era, they are typical of houses built in small and growing communities in the West during the last half of the 19th century.

Many of these homes have been maintained in their original appearance, while others have been allowed to fall into disrepair or have been remodeled and modernized to the extent that they no longer give a hint of their original character.

Because many of the original large plots were subdivided for new houses, the district now contains houses built at various times from the 1850's up through the 1960's.

Adapted from the NRHP nomination

The following list contains a few of the many houses within Vallejo Old City Historic District. The NRHP nomination, which was submitted in 1973, listed every building within district boundaries wihout distinguishing among contributing buildings, noncontributing buildings and intrusions.

Our selection contains only buildings which appear to contribute to the historic character of the district.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
House740 Capitol StreetErected from plans pointed in Godey's Lady's Book of 1855 where it was called a "Tudor Cottage." Restored in 1933. The curving staircase was moved from Mare Island after the Officers Quarters were damaged in the 1998 earthquake.Capitol 0740House
House610 Georgia StreetQueen AnneGeorgia 0610House
House622 Georgia StreetQueen AnneGeorgia 0622House
House700 Georgia StreetHip roof with dormer window.Georgia 0700House
House705 Georgia StreetQueen AnneGeorgia 0705House
House721 Georgia StreetCalifornia bungalow.Georgia 0721House
House723 Georgia StreetCalifornia bungalow.Georgia 0723House
House836 GeorgiaItalianate Victorian.Georgia 0836House
House842 GeorgiaItalianate Victorian.Georgia 0842House
House912 GeorgiaItalianate Victorian.Georgia 0912House
House918 Sutter StreetShepstone house, most unusual Gothic house, tower room, interesting trim.Sutter 0918House
House626 York StreetQueen AnneYork 0626House
House630 York StreetQueen AnneYork 0630House
House634 York StreetQueen AnneYork 0634House
House727 York StreetQueen AnneYork 0727House
House626 VirginiaOne of the oldest Vallejo homes.Virginia 0626House
House801 VirginiaQueen AnneVirginia 0801House
House803 VirginiaBungalowVirginia 0803House
House807 VirginiaBungalowVirginia 0807House
House815 VirginiaQueen AnneVirginia 0815House
House604 Napa StreetQueen AnneNapa 0604House
House616 Napa StreetQueen AnneNapa 0616House
House606 Napa StreetBungalowNapa 0606House
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