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California Historical Landmarks in Solano County

California Historical Landmark 153
Old State Capitol in Benicia
1st and West G Streets
Built 1853

California Historical Landmark #153: Old State Capitol in Benicia
  California Historical Landmark #153: Old State Capitol in Benicia
View from the second floor of the Old State Capitol.
One bear flag plaque commemorates the Old State Capitol.
The other commemorates the Fischer-Hanlon House next door.

  California Historical Landmark #153: Old State Capitol in Benicia
10 November 2004
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Old State Capitol

Erected in 1852, this historic building was ostensibly intended for Benicia City Hall, offered as the state capitol and promptly accepted, it had that honor from February 4, 1853 to February 25, 1854. Deeded to the state in 1951, it was one of the four locations of the "Capitol on Wheels".

California Registered Historical Landmark No. 153
Plaque placed by the State Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with the Solano County Historical Society. August 23, 1975.

The Constitutional Convention for the new state of California convened in Monterey in the year 1849. During California's first five years of statehood, its Capitol had seven locations, a prophetic beginning for a restless and protean state.

Monterey: September 9, 1849
Pueblo de San Jose: December 15, 1849
Vallejo: January 5, 1852
Sacramento: January 16, 1852
Vallejo: January 3, 1853
Benicia: February 11, 1853
Sacramento: February 28, 1854

The Old State Capitol in Benicia is also National Register Listing #71000204.

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