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Nobles Trail Marker 61: Shasta City United States Post Office Zip Code 96087
Nobles Trail Marker 61: Shasta City
7 September 2014
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Nobles Trail Marker 61: Shasta City
15432 Eureka Way (State Route 299)

Nobles Trail - Shasta City

"We was [sic] informed that the citizens of Shasta had prepared a dinner at the St. Charles Hotel for the emegrants [sic]...We was the first train of waggons [sic] that ever come into Shasta on the Shasta or Knobles Rout [sic]." - Solomon Kingery, Aug 22, 1852

Trail Marker N-61 2007

This is the last marker on the Nobles Emigrant Trail. The first marker is in Rabbithole Springs, Nevada, in the Black Rock Desert near the playa where Burning Man celebrates the autumnal equinox each year. The distance, as the crow flies, is about two hundred miles.

Nobles Emigrant Trail was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.
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