National Register of Historic Places in Santa Cruz County

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National Register #89001005
Santa Cruz Downtown Historic District
Bounded by Orinoco, Church, Chestnut, Walnut, Cedar, Laurel, Myrtle, and Lincoln Streets
Santa Cruz

The Downtown Historic District is the oldest residential area in Santa Cruz.

The district contains an exceptional concentration of older homes that typify the social and architectural diversity of Santa Cruz between 1860 and 1938.

All major architectural styles that were adopted in Santa Cruz during those years can be found in this neighborhood, including architect-designed houses and vernacular houses.

When the district was nominated for the NRHP, there were 186 contributing buildings and 32 non-contributing buildings. The following list contains some of the contributing buildings.

Source: Adapted from the NRHP nomination submitted in 1989.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Residence1870417 Cedar StreetFusion of Greek Revival, Italianate and Gothic Revival elementsCedar 0417Residence
Residence1900416 Center StreetSimple but imposing 2-story homeCenter 0416Residence
Residence1880511 Chestnut StreetCottageChestnut 0511Residence
Residence1860515 Chestnut StreetVernacularChestnut 0515Residence
Residence1900516 Chestnut StreetStick-EastlakeChestnut 0516Residence
Residence1885519 Chestnut StreetStick style cottageChestnut 0519Residence
Residence1915521 Chestnut StreetTiny vernacular cottageChestnut 0521Residence
Residence1890529 Chestnut StreetStick-EastlakeChestnut 0529Residence
Residence1878346 Church StreetDouble tenementChurch 0346Residence
Residence1905211-219 Elm StreetFour Modest Colonial-Revival cottagesElm 0211Residence
Residence1930312 Elm StreetSpanish RevivalElm 0312Residence
Residence1930316 Elm StreetU-shape duples around small central courtyard.Elm 0316Residence
Residence1905320 Elm StreetNeo-classic rowhouseElm 0320Residence
Residence1860220 Laurel StreetClapboard cottageLaurel 0220Residence
Residence1860230 Laurel StreetClapboard cottageLaurel 0230Residence
Residence1905402 Lincoln Street Neo-classical boxLincoln 0402Residence
Residence1895406 Lincoln StreetVernacularLincoln 0406Residence
Residence1865408 Lincoln StreetVernacularLincoln 0408Residence
Residence1870410 Lincoln StreetSaltboxLincoln 0410Residence
Residence1894412 Lincoln StreetThe only 19th-century row in townLincoln 0412Residence
Residence1905127 RinconVernacularRincon 0127Residence
Residence1920128 Rincon StreetSmall houseRincon 0128Residence
Residence1905129 RinconVernacularRincon 0129Residence
Residence1930134 Rincon StreetVernacularRincon 0134Residence
Residence1860102 Taylor StreetVernacularTaylor 0102Residence
Residence1885114 Taylor StreetSimple Stick styleTaylor 0114Residence
Residence1875116 Taylor StreetItalianateTaylor 0116Residence
Residence1905120-124 Taylor StreetThree Neo-classic rowhousesTaylor 0120Residence
Residence1890219 Walnut AvenueQueen Anne cottageWalnut 0219Residence
Residence1895231 Walnut AvenueColonial RevivalWalnut 0231Residence
Residence1877234 Walnut AvenueStick-Eastlake. Remodeled in 1896.Walnut 0234Residence
Residence1870235 Walnut AvenueItalianateWalnut 0235Residence
Residence1895240 Walnut AvenueCottageWalnut 0240Residence
Residence1895244 Walnut AvenueCottageWalnut 0244Residence
Residence1877249 Walnut AvenueComposite style of architectureWalnut 0249Residence
Residence1900300 Walnut AvenueNeoclassic cottageWalnut 0300Residence
Residence1893304 Walnut AvenueQueen AnneWalnut 0304Residence
Residence1905310 Walnut AvenueClassical boxWalnut 0310Residence
Residence1930314 Walnut AvenueSpanish Revival cottageWalnut 0314Residence
Residence1892316 Walnut AvenueStick-EastlakeWalnut 0316Residence
Residence1930317 Walnut AvenueMission Revival bungalow court Walnut 0317Residence
Residence1910322 Walnut AvenueCraftsman shingleWalnut 0322Residence
Apartment House1915612 Washington StreetSpanish-revivalWashington 0612Apartment House
Residence1870620 Washington StreetItalianateWashington 0620Residence
Residence1884708 Washington StreetBuilt as a German Methodist ChurchWashington 0708Residence
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