National Register of Historic Places in Santa Cruz County

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National Register #76000530
Mission Hill Area Historic District
Santa Cruz

Mission Hill is the birthplace of Santa Cruz, the first permanent European settlement in Santa Cruz County. Until the gold rush Mission Santa Cruz was the religious, commercial, industrial and agricultural center of the county.

Source: Adapted from the NRHP nomination submitted in 1976.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Plaza Municipal Park1854Bounded by Sylvar, Emmet, Mission, HighOriginally the Mission quadrangleEmmettPlaza Municipal Park
William Woolsey Reynolds Residence1850123 Green StreetGreen 0123William Woolsey Reynolds Residence
Otis A. Longley House1868127 Green StreetGreen 0127Otis A. Longley House
Wessendorf Family Residence1911134 Green StreetBungalowGreen 0134Wessendorf Family Residence
Residence1900135 Green StreetGreen 0135Residence
Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church1889126 High StreetEnglish Gothic,High 0126Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church
Jackson Sylvar Saloon and Residence1872209 High StreetHigh 0209Jackson Sylvar Saloon and Residence
Residence215 High StreetSimple saltboxHigh 0215Residence
James Leslie General Store1860155-157 Mission StreetOne of the earliest brick buildings in Santa CruzMission 0157James Leslie General Store
Apartment House159 Mission StreetMission 0159Apartment House
Alice Neary Home177 Mission StreetMission 0177 Alice Neary Home
James Leslie House1862203 Mission StreetSemi-Gothic styleMission 0203James Leslie House
Calvin W. Davis House1883207 Mission StreetItalian villa withStick-East lake ornamentMission 0207Calvin W. Davis House
Methodist Church Parsonage1886211 Mission StreetMission 0211Methodist Church Parsonage
Louis Schwartz Rental Cottages1867214 and 218 Mission StreetMission 0214Louis Schwartz Rental Cottages
Louis Wessendorf House1904217 Mission StreetColonial Revival/Queen AnneMission 0217 Louis Wessendorf House
Residence1888210 MissionMission 0219Residence
Louis Schwartz Residence222 Mission StreetMission 0222Louis Schwartz Residence
Downey Apartments1905303-309 Mission StreetColonial RevivalMission 0309Downey Apartments
Residence1900315 MissionColonial RevivalMission 0315Residence
Henry Willey Residence1887105 Sylvar Street Eastlake Sylvar 0105 Henry Willey Residence
Francisco Alzina Residence1850107 Sylvar StreetClapboarded saltboxSylvar 0107Francisco Alzina Residence
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