National Register of Historic Places in Santa Clara County, California

National Register #80000861: Professorville Historic District in Palo Alto, California
Castilleja Hall at 1121 Bryant Street
10 February 2011
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National Register #80000861
Professorville Historic District
Bounded By Embarcadero Road, Addison Avenue, Emerson Street and Cowper Street
Palo Alto

The following paragraphs are excerpted from the Statement of Significance section of the National Register of Historic Places Inventory - Nomination Form.

The city of Palo Alto was created subsequent to the founding of Stanford University, essentially to serve as a university town. Construction of the University began on May 14, 1887, on land that had been the Leland Stanford farm.

Early founders desired the presence of a town near the University but the two existing nearby towns of Mayfield and Menlo Park did not seem suitable to them. The founders wanted a town with housing and community services to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages. Since neither of the two existing towns met this requirement or seamed willing to give up their saloon businesses, Leland Stanford, in 1887, acquired 740 acres to create a new townsite.

The city of Palo Alto was founded with the attitude of wholesomeness, and when liquor finally came to the town through annexed areas, there were many who resisted, asserting that a town without alcohol attracted families seeking a superior environment for their children.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
1890271-273 Addison Vernacular cottageAddison
1900281 AddisonColonial Revival/Classical RevivalAddison
1904301 AddisonColonial RevivalAddison
1900940 BryantColonial RevivalBryant 0940
1900943 BryantColonial RevivalBryant 0943
1900944 BryantCraftsmanBryant 0944
1900951 BryantColonial Revival/ShingleBryant 0951
Frank Angell House18921005 BryantColonial Revival/ShingleBryant 1005Frank Angell House
19071010 BryantColonial RevivalBryant 1005
18931017-1023 BryantColonial Revival/ShingleBryant 1017
19071020 BryantColonial RevivalBryant 1020
18981027 BryantColonial Revival/Queen Anne/CraftsmanBryant 1027
19001028 BryantColonial RevivalBryant 1028
18991033 BryantColonial RevivalBryant 1033
19151036 BryantColonial RevivalBryant 1036
Varian House19021044 BryantCraftsmanBryant 1044Varian House
19101052 BryantCraftsman/Colonial RevivalBryant 1052
Sun-Bonnet House18991061 BryantColonial RevivalBryant 1061Sun-Bonnet House
19041100 BryantCraftsmanBryant 1100
19101106 BryantColonial RevivalBryant 1106
19001116 BryantColonial RevivalBryant 1116
Castilleja Hall18921121 BryantColonial Revival/Classical RevivalBryant 1121Castilleja Hall
19151130 BryantCraftsman ChaletBryant 1130
19101135 BryantCraftsmanBryant 1135
19051140 BryantColonial RevivalBryant 1140
19151143 BryantPrairieBryant 1143
19051148 BryantCraftsman/Colonial RevivalBryant 1148
19141160 BryantColonial RevivalBryant 1160
19041200 BryantColonial RevivalBryant 1200
1907235 EmbarcaderoCraftsmanEmbarcadero 0235
1900251 EmbarcaderoColonial RevivalEmbarcadero 0251
Kingsley18 residences on KingsleyKingsley
Lincoln11 residences on LincolnLincoln
Ramona23 residences on RamonaRamona
Waverly11 residences on WaverlyWaverly
Emerson9 residences on EmersonEmerson
1910319 AddisonCraftsmanAddison 0319
1905327 AddisonCraftsman/Colonial RevivalAddison 0327
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