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Point of Historic Interest: Cayucos by the Sea

Point of Historic Interest: Cayucos by the Sea

2 December 2018
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Cayucos by the Sea
190 Ocean Front Avenue

The marker reads:

Cayucos by the Sea
Cayucos Landing

Born in Bristol, England, Nov. 24 1824, James Cass came to N.Y.C. at the age of 12, then to California during the Gold Rush. His mining, mercantile, and farming led him to travel throughout the state.

In 1867, he saw the potential of a shipping port at Cayucos Creek. In 1869, Cass convinced Capt. J.N. Ingalls and his partner, Frederick Metcalf, to start a small shipping business, stacking goods on the beach, which led to building a wharf in 1872. The wharf, the first structure in the township, required Cass to invent a new method of driving piles which he patented.

In 1875, William Babcock subdivided the town of Cayucos. Cass bought the tideland lots, extended the pier 940’ to deep water, and built (1877) a warehouse.

After Cass died, March 15, 1917, his family donated the warehouse & pier to the State. The warehouse was moved to a new location where it is a vital part of Cayucos.

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E Clampus Vitus
De la Guerra y Pacheco Chapter 1.5

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