National Register of Historic Places in Sacramento County, California

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National Register #71000174
Locke Historic District
Bounded by Locke Road, Sacramento River, Alley Street, Levee Street

Locke was the last rural Chinese community established in the Sacramento-San Joaguin delta and is the last remaining.

The Locke Historic District is the largest and most complete example of a rural Chinese-American community in the United States.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Jack Ross Gas Station and Garage River RoadRiver 0Jack Ross Gas Station and Garage
Jack Ross BoardinghouseRiver and Locke NE CornerRiver 0Jack Ross Boardinghouse
Joe Shoong Language School13920 Main StreetMain 13920Joe Shoong Language School
Yuen Chong Market13923 Main StreetMain 13923Yuen Chong Market
Building13927 Main StreetMain 13927Building
Wah Lee & Co. Dry Goods Store13931 Main StreetMain 13931Wah Lee & Co. Dry Goods Store
Japanese Bakery and Lunch Parlor13936 Main StreetMain 13936Japanese Bakery and Lunch Parlor
Star Theater13939 Main StreetMain 13939Star Theater
Owyang Tin Git Dryaoods Store13943 Main StreetMain 13943Owyang Tin Git Dryaoods Store
Victory Club13947 Main StreetMain 13947Victory Club
Building13952 Main StreetMain 13952Building
Hing Lee Building13955 Main StreetMain 13955Hing Lee Building
Locke Country Store 13963 Main StreetMain 13963Locke Country Store
Tin Sin Chan StoreRiver and Levee NE CornerRiver 9Tin Sin Chan Store
Wing Chov Owyung HotelRiver and Levee SE CornerRiver 9Wing Chov Owyung Hotel
Multiple ResidencesRiver RoadRiver 5Multiple Residences
Yuen Lai Sina Gambling HouseMain and Levee NE CornerMain 13900Yuen Lai Sina Gambling House
Foon Hop Company13959 Main StreetMain 13959Foon Hop Company
Kee Sing's 13955 Main StreetMain 13955Kee Sing's
Dai Loy Gambling House 13951 Main StreetMain 13951Dai Loy Gambling House
Jan Ying Benevolent Association 13947 Main StreetMain 13947Jan Ying Benevolent Association
Al's Place13943 Main StreetMain 13943Al's Place
Building13939 Main StreetMain 13939Building
Fish Market13935 Main StreetMain 13935Fish Market
Drug Store13931 Main StreetMain 13931Drug Store
Building13927 Main StreetMain 13927Building
Building13923 Main StreetMain 13923Building
Building13919 Main StreetMain 13919Building
Building13915 Main StreetMain 13915Building
ResidencesKey Street Various AddressesKeyResidences
Chinese Baptist Christian CenterKey StreetKeyChinese Baptist Christian Center
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