California Historical Landmarks in Sacramento County

California Historical Landmark 609
Darius Ogden Mills Bank
2nd and J Streets

California Historical Landmark #609: Darius Ogden Mills Bank Before It Was Razed for a Freeway Darius Ogden Mills Bank before it was razed for an interstate highway.
Courtesy Center for Sacramento History

Interstate 5 in Old Sacramento I-5 adjacent to Old Town Sacramento.

Under Interstate 5 in Old Sacramento A building fragment Under I-5

11 August 2006
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Darius Ogden Mills Bank

Erected in 1852, this building housed one of the oldest and largest banks of early-day California.

Citation from California Office of Historic Preservation

The Darius Ogden Mills Bank was one of many structures razed during the construction of Interstate 5 through Old Town Sacramento. Some other landmark buildings were the Western Hotel the Overton Building, and the original Sacramento Bee Building.

The Darius Ogden Mills Bank contributed to the Old Sacramento Historic District which is a National Historic Landmark.

We were unable to locate a bear flag plaque for the Darius Ogden Mills Bank. Here's a list of other California Historical Landmarks which had no bear flag plaque when we visited them.

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