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Plumas County Courthouse 2 May 2010
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Plumas County Courthouse
520 Main Street
Built 1921

Plumas County was established in 1854 from the eastern and more desirable portion of Butte County. Over the county's 166 year history three different buildings have served as our Courthouse. The first was a shed like structure connected with the American Ranch Hotel, which served as the County Courthouse from 1854 to 1859.

In order to keep the county seat in Quincy - public minded citizens donated land for a town square and a new courthouse. In 1859 a two story brick and wooden courthouse with Greek Revival influence was completed. Construction of 1859 Courthouse was funded through subscriptions or pledges.

By 1919 the powers to be determined the county needed a more substantial Courthouse which resulted in the Courthouse now serving our county. County Supervisors toured courthouses of neighboring counties and selected George Sellon of Sacramento, designer of the Lassen County Courthouse.

Our current Courthouse, completed in 1921, was constructed using reinforced concrete and stucco, blue and gray marble floors and stairways from Tuolumne County. Oak was used for doors and window framing and the most current heating and telephone technology of the times was incorporated.

The size and cost of the current courthouse was considered so exorbitant for the county that there was talk of recalling the board of supervisors. Several escape attempts were made from the jail, which was once located on the fourth floor of the building. One inmate broke his leg when the sheets he had tied together came apart as he lowered himself to the ground.

Source: Brief History of Plumas Co Courthouses by Barry Gossett

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