National Register of Historic Places in Placer County

National Register #02001391: Stevens Trail
E Clampus Vitus Marker
National Register #02001391: Stevens Trail 29 August 2014
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National Register #02001391
Stevens Trail
Trailhead at Iowa Hill Road Near Big Dipper Road
Iowa Hill
Built 1859

The Stevens Trail

This trail was originally established as a toll road in 1859 by Truman Allen Stevens. The trail went down to the bottom of the American River Canyon and back up the other side to Colfax via a bridge that is no longer in existence. This road was in commercial operation until the existing road was built at the end of the last century. The trail was a tremendous success as the population of Iowa Hill swelled to ten thousand at the height of the Gold Rush.

Dedicated July 4, 1994
Lord Sholto Douglas No. 3 E Clampus Vitus and so recorded

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