National Register of Historic Places in Jackson County

National Register #99000533: Ashland Railroad Addition Historic District Old Ashland Passenger Depot and Hotel
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National Register #99000533
Ashland Railroad Addition Historic District
Bounded By Lithia Way, East Main, Oak Street, A Street and 8th Streets
Period of Historic Significance: 1883-1949

The development of Ashland that began with the discovery of gold near the present site of Jacksonville in early 1852, and the Donation Land Claim Act of 1850, sparked the settlement of this area.

The anticipation of the arrival of the railroad instigated a major wave of building and the platting of this section of Ashland when it was sold to the Oregon and California Railroad Company in 1873. The railroad company surveyed this major addition that doubled Ashland's size.

The first train pulled into Ashland in 1884. Residences and commercial structures were constructed during 1884-88. The Depot Hotel was built in 1888. By 1890, lodging houses, saloons, restaurants, stores and warehouses formed a separate commercial district on A Street where residents could conveniently purchase goods and services, developing the Railroad Addition as a self-contained unit.

In 1893, the national depression slowed building in this district, but as railroad business increased in 1898, the second major period of growth began.

As railroad workers and tradespeople moved into the area after 1900, one or one-and-one-half story vernacular frame houses were being constructed which provided affordable housing for the brakemen, firemen, and conductors, as well as carpenters, barbers,

The relatively small number of new buildings constructed in the railroad district during 1913 and 1930 reflects the city's absorption in World War I, a slowing economy, and the opening of the Southern Pacific Natron Cutoff in 1927 which bypassed Ashland.

With the Great Depression, many people lost their homes. Renters, retirees, and those on stable or subsidized incomes increasingly occupied the Railroad Addition. Many dwellings were converted to multi-family use. New building was scarce.

Adapted from the NRHP nomination submitted in 1999.

This 1,170-acre historic district contains 256 contributing buildings.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Ralph (Helen) Rental House1895165 First StreetVernacular Street 01 0165Ralph (Helen) Rental House
Faulconer (Alfred) House1947234 First StreetVernacular Street 01 0234Faulconer (Alfred) House
Harper-Luceford Rental House1944240 First StreetVernacular Street 01 0240Harper-Luceford Rental House
Hall-Thompson House1949270 First StreetVernacular Street 01 0270Hall-Thompson House
Ghea (Thomas & Martha) House1949272 First StreetVernacular Street 01 0272Ghea (Thomas & Martha) House
Danford (Beecher & Katie) House1920108 Second StreetCraftsman Bungalow Street 02 0108Danford (Beecher & Katie) House
Hicks (Margaret) House1901120 Second StreetVernacular Street 02 0120Hicks (Margaret) House
1900125 Second StreetStick/Eastlake Street 02 0125
Alwine (Alvin) House1947136 Second StreetBungalow Street 02 0136Alwine (Alvin) House
Hargadine (Charles & Carrie) House1900138 Second StreetVernacular Street 02 0138Hargadine (Charles & Carrie) House
1910139 Second StreetVernacular Street 02 0139
1890153 Second StreetVernacular Street 02 0153
1892159 Second StreetVernacular Street 02 0159
Hosley (Charles) House1888239 Second StreetVernacular Street 02 0239Hosley (Charles) House
Carpenter-Love House1886247 Second StreetVernacular (Stick) Street 02 0247Carpenter-Love House
Love (G. W.) Rental House II1900263 Second StreetVernacular (Italianate) Street 02 0263Love (G. W.) Rental House II
Love (G. W.) Rental House I1900269 Second StreetVernacular (Italianate) Street 02 0269Love (G. W.) Rental House I
Blunck (Elmer) House1940283 Second StreetVernacular Street 02 0283Blunck (Elmer) House
Goff (Edgar & Kate) House II189950 Third StreetVernacular (Queen Anne) Street 03 0050Goff (Edgar & Kate) House II
Goff (Edgar & Kate) House I190056 Third StreetVernacular Street 03 0056Goff (Edgar & Kate) House I
Hicks (Margaret) House II190064 Third StreetVernacular Street 03 0064Hicks (Margaret) House II
Evans (Julia) House II189970 Third StreetVernacular (Queen Anne) Street 03 0070Evans (Julia) House II
Evans (Julia) House I189974 Third StreetVernacular (Queen Anne) Street 03 0074Evans (Julia) House I
Ganiard (Lucinda) Rental House I189978 Third StreetVernacular (Queen Anne) Street 03 0078Ganiard (Lucinda) Rental House I
Morehouse (Sherman) Rental House I190887 Third StreetBungalow Street 03 0087Morehouse (Sherman) Rental House I
Morehouse (Sherman) House191294 Third StreetCraftsman Bungalow Street 03 0094Morehouse (Sherman) House
Silsby (Colonel William H.) House (National Register Listing #85000365)1896111 Third StreetQueen Anne Street 03 0111Silsby (Colonel William H.) House (National Register Listing #85000365)
Nortstrom (John & Olive) Rental1930114 Third StreetNorman Farmhouse Street 03 0114Nortstrom (John & Olive) Rental
Van Tassel (Margaret) House1903117 Third StreetVernacular Street 03 0117Van Tassel (Margaret) House
Blevins (F. M.) Rental House1912125 Third StreetVernacular Street 03 0125Blevins (F. M.) Rental House
Hartley (Roy) Rental House I1942130 Third StreetVernacular Street 03 0130Hartley (Roy) Rental House I
Groat (W. A.) House1900138 Third StreetVernacular (Queen Anne) Street 03 0138Groat (W. A.) House
Whetstone (Newell & Beulah) Rental House1941142 Third StreetVernacular Street 03 0142Whetstone (Newell & Beulah) Rental House
Wells (Erastus & Ellen) House1902143 Third StreetCraftsman Bungalow Street 03 0143Wells (Erastus & Ellen) House
Hosley (Roy) House1912155 Third StreetBungalow Street 03 0155Hosley (Roy) House
Boiven (Henry & Nellie) House1900156 Third StreetVernacular (Queen Anne) Street 03 0156Boiven (Henry & Nellie) House
Beswick Rental House II1901253 Third StreetVernacular Street 03 0247Beswick Rental House II
Beswick Rental House III1900247 Third StreetVernacular (Queen Anne) Street 03 0247Beswick Rental House III
Enders-Corbett House1909248 Third StreetVernacular (Queen Anne) Street 03 0248Enders-Corbett House
Beswick Rental House I1901257 Third StreetVernacular Street 03 0257Beswick Rental House I
Corbett-Hughes House1910258 Third StreetBungalow Street 03 0258Corbett-Hughes House
Whitmore (S. I.) House1902265 Third StreetVernacular Street 03 0265Whitmore (S. I.) House
Davison (Frank) House1901266 Third StreetBungalow Street 03 0266Davison (Frank) House
Brown-Decker House190139 Fourth StreetVernacular Street 04 0039Brown-Decker House
Gibson (W. C.) House190049 Fourth StreetVernacular Street 04 0049Gibson (W. C.) House
Stauffer (E. L. & Eva) House194665 Fourth StreetNo Style Street 04 0065Stauffer (E. L. & Eva) House
Haskins (Sarah) House194570 Fourth StreetVernacular Street 04 0070Haskins (Sarah) House
Schultz (A. F.) House II189178 Fourth StreetVernacular (Gothic Revival) Street 04 0078Schultz (A. F.) House II
Van Sant (J. K.) House1899107 Fourth StreetVernacular (Italianate) Street 04 0107Van Sant (J. K.) House
White (Henry) Rental House III1912109 Fourth StreetBungalow Street 04 0109White (Henry) Rental House III
Wooden (William) House1901130 Fourth StreetVernacular Street 04 0130Wooden (William) House
White (Henry) Rental House II1915131 Fourth StreetBungalow Street 04 0131White (Henry) Rental House II
Burns (William & Ella) House1900143 Fourth StreetVernacular Street 04 0143Burns (William & Ella) House
Veghte (Charles) House1898144 Fourth StreetVernacular Street 04 0144Veghte (Charles) House
Potter Rooming House1911160 Fourth StreetVernacular Street 04 0160Potter Rooming House
Engwicht (George) House1899161 Fourth StreetVernacular Street 04 0161Engwicht (George) House
McFarland (Albert) Rental House1912162 Fourth StreetVernacular Street 04 0162McFarland (Albert) Rental House
Nininger (Charles) Building II1899215 Fourth StreetCommercial Street 04 0215Nininger (Charles) Building II
Nininger (Charles) Building II1903220 Fourth StreetVernacular Street 04 0220Nininger (Charles) Building II
Peerless Rooms Building (National Register Listing #92001328)1900243 Fourth StreetCommercial Street 04 0243Peerless Rooms Building (National Register Listing #92001328)
Hennan (Price) House1947246 Fourth StreetVernacular Street 04 0246Hennan (Price) House
Ashland Hose Company No. 21908264 Fourth StreetCalifornia Mission Revival Street 04 0264Ashland Hose Company No. 2
Whittle Transfer Company Warehouse1947264 Fourth StreetUtilitarian Street 04 0264Whittle Transfer Company Warehouse
Loomis (E. F.) Building1899287 Fourth StreetChicago School Street 04 0287Loomis (E. F.) Building
Ganiard (Sarah) Rental House190241 Fifth StreetVernacular Street 05 0041Ganiard (Sarah) Rental House
O'Donoghue (Laura) House190047 Fifth StreetBungalow Street 05 0047O'Donoghue (Laura) House
Crocker (Merton) House190057 Fifth StreetVernacular (Queen Anne) Street 05 0057Crocker (Merton) House
Senseny-McGinnis House190060 Fifth StreetVernacular (Queen Anne) Street 05 0060Senseny-McGinnis House
Easlick (William) Rental House190372 Fifth StreetVernacular Street 05 0072Easlick (William) Rental House
Flagg (W. H.) House191177 Fifth StreetBungalow Street 05 0077Flagg (W. H.) House
Miller-Van Vactor House189990 Fifth StreetVernacular (Italianate) Street 05 0090Miller-Van Vactor House
McGinnis (Luke) Rental House I1902107 Fifth StreetBungalow Street 05 0107McGinnis (Luke) Rental House I
Baer (Victoria) House1902129 Fifth StreetVernacular Street 05 0129Baer (Victoria) House
Banks (John) House1888132 Fifth StreetVernacular Street 05 0132Banks (John) House
Baer (Edward) House1902137 Fifth StreetVernacular Street 05 0137Baer (Edward) House
Taylor (John) House1908155 Fifth StreetVernacular Street 05 0155Taylor (John) House
Mellus (Richard) house1888156 Fifth StreetVernacular Street 05 0156Mellus (Richard) house
Spayde (Mary Ada) House1928223 Fifth StreetVernacular Street 05 0223Spayde (Mary Ada) House
Mitchell (Henry) House1201235 Fifth StreetVernacular Street 05 0235Mitchell (Henry) House
Early Vernacular House1898236 Fifth StreetVernacular Street 05 0236Early Vernacular House
Ahlstrom (Nils) House (National Register Listing #80003315)1888248 Fifth StreetVernacular house built for Southern Pacific conductor Nils Ahlstrom and his family. Street 05 0248Ahlstrom (Nils) House (National Register Listing #80003315)
Nininger (Charles) Rental House1902259 Fifth StreetVernacular Street 05 0259Nininger (Charles) Rental House
Ahlstrom (Nils) Rental House1900266 Fifth StreetVernacular Street 05 0266Ahlstrom (Nils) Rental House
Lucas and Rose Houses (National Register Listing #88001115)189759 & 77 Sixth StreetQueen Anne Street 06 0059Lucas and Rose Houses (National Register Listing #88001115)
Rose Brothers Rental House191278 Sixth StreetBungalow Street 06 0078Rose Brothers Rental House
Monroe (George) House191290 Sixth StreetCraftsman Bungalow Street 06 0090Monroe (George) House
Church of the Holy Rosary1889100 Sixth StreetVernacular (Gothic Elements) Street 06 0100Church of the Holy Rosary
Badger (Clarence) House1908107 Sixth StreetBungalow Street 06 0107Badger (Clarence) House
Van Horne-Wells House1895123 Sixth StreetVernacular Street 06 0123Van Horne-Wells House
Bledsoe (Hattie) House1905132 Sixth StreetVernacular Street 06 0132Bledsoe (Hattie) House
Chisholm-Ogg House1902142 Sixth StreetVernacular Street 06 0142Chisholm-Ogg House
Rice (John) Rental House1888150 Sixth StreetVernacular Street 06 0150Rice (John) Rental House
Stephenson (G. W.) Rental House I1903155 Sixth StreetVernacular Street 06 0155Stephenson (G. W.) Rental House I
Unidentified House1895156 Sixth StreetVernacular Street 06 0156Unidentified House
Dilhan (Joseph & Jessie) House1912164 Sixth StreetBungalow Street 06 0164Dilhan (Joseph & Jessie) House
Ahlstrom, North House1920247 Sixth StreetBungalow Street 06 0247Ahlstrom, North House
Turner (O. B.) House1905256 Sixth StreetVernacular Street 06 0256Turner (O. B.) House
Everton (Walter) House1918265 Sixth StreetBungalow Street 06 0265Everton (Walter) House
Gilliam (Lawrence & Edna) House1946267 Sixth StreetVernacular Street 06 0267Gilliam (Lawrence & Edna) House
Hannon (Leonard & Irene) House1946294 Sixth StreetVernacular Street 06 0294Hannon (Leonard & Irene) House
Farquar (George & Nellie) House1947297 Sixth StreetVernacular Street 06 0297Farquar (George & Nellie) House
Poley Rental House190389 Seventh StreetVernacular Street 07 0089Poley Rental House
Evenson (Even) House190790 Seventh StreetVernacular Street 07 0090Evenson (Even) House
Smith (George & Elizabeth) House1900107 Seventh StreetVernacular Street 07 0107Smith (George & Elizabeth) House
McCune (Joseph) House1904108 Seventh StreetVernacular Street 07 0108McCune (Joseph) House
Snyder (Valandingham & Sarah) House1908119 Seventh StreetBungalow Street 07 0119Snyder (Valandingham & Sarah) House
Cox (Allen & Sarah) House1900120 Seventh StreetVernacular Street 07 0120Cox (Allen & Sarah) House
Pfaff (Charles) House1905137 Seventh StreetVernacular Street 07 0137Pfaff (Charles) House
Soverns (Carleton) House1905140 Seventh StreetBungalow Street 07 0140Soverns (Carleton) House
Baker (Adam & Lydia) House1895155 Seventh StreetVernacular Street 07 0155Baker (Adam & Lydia) House
McClung-Peterson House1902247 Seventh StreetVernacular Street 07 0247McClung-Peterson House
Walker (Lunsford) House1902263 Seventh StreetBungalow Street 07 0263Walker (Lunsford) House
Reader (Mrs. J. K.) Rental House190992 Eighth Street Bungalow Street 08 0092Reader (Mrs. J. K.) Rental House
Engwicht-McMillan House1905110 Eighth Street Vernacular Street 08 0110Engwicht-McMillan House
Long (Osmer & Lila) House1901117 Eighth Street Vernacular Street 08 0117Long (Osmer & Lila) House
Harp-Long House1904130 Eighth Street Vernacular Street 08 0130Harp-Long House
Billing-Sterrett House1948132 Eighth Street Bungalow Street 08 0132Billing-Sterrett House
Porter (Morris) House1890143 Eighth Street Vernacular Street 08 0143Porter (Morris) House
Eggleston-Davis House1903155 Eighth Street Vernacular (Queen Anne) Street 08 0155Eggleston-Davis House
Harrington (Elmer & Bertie) house1907156 Eighth Street Vernacular Street 08 0156Harrington (Elmer & Bertie) house
Crowson (Frank & Anna) House1904253 Eighth Street Vernacular Street 08 0253Crowson (Frank & Anna) House
Hahn-Jackson house1942270 Eighth Street Vernacular Street 08 0270Hahn-Jackson house
Bell (Glen & Opal) House1948286 Eighth Street Vernacular Street 08 0286Bell (Glen & Opal) House
Ganiard (Lucinda) Rental House V1899438 A StreetVernacular Street A 0438Ganiard (Lucinda) Rental House V
Ganiard (Lucinda) Rental House IV1899450 A StreetVernacular Street A 0450Ganiard (Lucinda) Rental House IV
Powell (William) House1889462 A StreetVernacular Street A 0462Powell (William) House
1905542 A StreetVernacular Street A 0542
1908552 A StreetVernacular Street A 0552
1925562 A StreetBungalow Street A 0562
Ashland Depot Hotel, South Wing (National Register Listing #91000047)1887624 A Street Street A 0624Ashland Depot Hotel, South Wing (National Register Listing #91000047)
Casey (John) House1909640 A StreetCraftsman Bungalow Street A 0640Casey (John) House
Young-Davenport House1910664 A StreetCraftsman Bungalow Street A 0664Young-Davenport House
Flook-Grubb House1890762 A StreetVernacular Street A 0762Flook-Grubb House
Parker-Davies House1890784 A StreetVernacular Street A 0784Parker-Davies House
Dews (Oliver) House1902832 A StreetVernacular Street A 0832Dews (Oliver) House
Dews (Oliver) Rental House1903854 A StreetVernacular Street A 0854Dews (Oliver) Rental House
Herbig (Thomas) House1906868 A StreetBungalow Street A 0868Herbig (Thomas) House
Butler (John) House1920886 A StreetBungalow Street A 0886Butler (John) House
Thompson Rental House193011 B StreetVernacular cottage Street B 0011Thompson Rental House
Damon (George) House192514 B StreetBungalow Street B 0014Damon (George) House
Blalock (Walter) House1908111 B StreetVernacular Street B 0111Blalock (Walter) House
Rice (Mary) House1885123 B StreetVernacular Street B 0123Rice (Mary) House
Richardson-Good House1884135 B StreetVernacular Street B 0135Richardson-Good House
Vining (Mary) House1886136 B StreetVernacular Street B 0136Vining (Mary) House
Anderson (Belle) House1908142 B StreetVernacular Street B 0142Anderson (Belle) House
Gosnell (Eva) House1941145 B StreetVernacular Street B 0145Gosnell (Eva) House
Chilcott-Shaw House1888154 B StreetVernacular (Italianate) Street B 0154Chilcott-Shaw House
Woods (Marc & Alta) House1946164 B StreetEnglish Cottage Street B 0164Woods (Marc & Alta) House
Hosley (Charles) House1886171 B StreetVernacular Street B 0171Hosley (Charles) House
Ferguson (James) House1912184 B StreetCraftsman Bungalow Street B 0184Ferguson (James) House
Shaw Rental House1931185 B StreetBungalow Street B 0185Shaw Rental House
Zeller-Markle House1884225 B StreetVernacular Street B 0225Zeller-Markle House
Pelton (John and Charlotte) House (National Register Listing #93000922)1894228 B StreetStick Victorian Street B 0228Pelton (John and Charlotte) House (National Register Listing #93000922)
Stephenson-Harvey House1900237 B StreetVernacular Street B 0237Stephenson-Harvey House
Stephenson (George) Rental House II1900249 B StreetQueen Anne Street B 0249Stephenson (George) Rental House II
1899252 B StreetQueen Anne Street B 0252
Heffling (John) House1898259 B StreetVernacular Street B 0259Heffling (John) House
Fox (William) House1899269 B StreetVernacular (Queen Anne) Street B 0269Fox (William) House
Jones (William) House1908283 B StreetVernacular Street B 0283Jones (William) House
Grubb (Millard) House1922311 B StreetBungalow Street B 0311Grubb (Millard) House
First Christian Church of Ashland1947318 B StreetGothic Revival Street B 0318First Christian Church of Ashland
Ganiard (Lucinda) Rental House III1901333 B StreetVernacular Street B 0333Ganiard (Lucinda) Rental House III
Pratt (John) House1895338 B StreetVernacular Street B 0338Pratt (John) House
Ganiard (Lucinda) Rental House II1901343 B StreetVernacular Street B 0343Ganiard (Lucinda) Rental House II
Hicks (Margaret) Rental House III1901350 B StreetVernacular Street B 0350Hicks (Margaret) Rental House III
Van Sant (J. K.) Rental House II1899355 B StreetQueen Anne Street B 0355Van Sant (J. K.) Rental House II
Van Sant (J. K.) Rental House I1899363 B StreetQueen Anne Street B 0363Van Sant (J. K.) Rental House I
Cooke (Nicholas) House1910375 B StreetVernacular Street B 0375Cooke (Nicholas) House
Mills-Poley House1887385 B StreetVernacular Street B 0385Mills-Poley House
Kane House (National Register Listing #86002964)1886386 B StreetQueen Anne Street B 0386Kane House (National Register Listing #86002964)
Pinkston-Bartges House1889426 B StreetVernacular Street B 0426Pinkston-Bartges House
Abbot-Prescott House1910435 B StreetBungalow Street B 0435Abbot-Prescott House
Royston (Dott & Earl) House1947440 B StreetVernacular Street B 0440Royston (Dott & Earl) House
Spiegel (Gottlieb) Building1902447 B StreetVernacular Street B 0447Spiegel (Gottlieb) Building
Long (N. M.) Rental House I1888455 B StreetVernacular Street B 0455Long (N. M.) Rental House I
Long (N. M.) Rental House II1888463 B StreetVernacular Street B 0463Long (N. M.) Rental House II
Winkler (Walter) Rental House1915544 B StreetCraftsman Bungalow Street B 0544Winkler (Walter) Rental House
White (Henry) Rental House1900556 B StreetVernacular (Queen Anne) Street B 0556White (Henry) Rental House
Smith (Kelcy & Ruby) House1949565 B StreetVernacular Street B 0565Smith (Kelcy & Ruby) House
Wolfe (Julius) House1910586 B StreetCraftsman Bungalow Street B 0586Wolfe (Julius) House
Trefern (Mary) House1920625 B StreetBungalow Street B 0625Trefern (Mary) House
Keller-Ellis House1890626 B StreetVernacular Street B 0626Keller-Ellis House
Ahlstrom (Nils) Rental House1908637 B StreetVernacular Street B 0637Ahlstrom (Nils) Rental House
Harris (Carl) House1915660 B StreetBungalow Street B 0660Harris (Carl) House
Frulan (John & Clara) House1888661 B StreetVernacular Street B 0661Frulan (John & Clara) House
Farra-McFarland House1888692 B StreetVernacular Street B 0692Farra-McFarland House
Boulton Rental House1947695 B StreetVernacular Street B 0695Boulton Rental House
Brown (Charles & Mattie) House1898725 B StreetVernacular Street B 0725Brown (Charles & Mattie) House
Brown (Mattie) Rental House1898733 B StreetVernacular Street B 0733Brown (Mattie) Rental House
Hedberg-Silver House1904743 B StreetVernacular (Queen Anne) Street B 0743Hedberg-Silver House
Powell (D. Sherman) Rental House1913762 B StreetBungalow Street B 0762Powell (D. Sherman) Rental House
Dunkin (James) House1893773 B StreetVernacular Street B 0773Dunkin (James) House
Cox-Cavin House1900774 B StreetVernacular Street B 0774Cox-Cavin House
Poirera (Joseph) House1889785 B StreetVernacular Street B 0785Poirera (Joseph) House
Tibbetts (Elmo) House1901826 B StreetVernacular Street B 0826Tibbetts (Elmo) House
Carey (R. L.) House1889843 B StreetVernacular Street B 0843Carey (R. L.) House
Hansen (Hans) House1904855 B StreetVernacular Street B 0855Hansen (Hans) House
Ritzinger-Flackus House1948871 B StreetVernacular Street B 0871Ritzinger-Flackus House
Holmes-Flackus House1888872 B StreetVernacular Street B 0872Holmes-Flackus House
Booth (Oren) House1915882 B StreetBungalow Street B 0882Booth (Oren) House
Cossairt-East House1900885 B StreetVernacular Street B 0885Cossairt-East House
Smith (William & Annie) House1902925 B StreetVernacular (Queen Anne) Street B 0925Smith (William & Annie) House
Lindsay (William) house1901928 B StreetVernacular (Queen Anne) Street B 0928Lindsay (William) house
Cooley (Benson D.) House1902939 B StreetVernacular (Queen Anne) Street B 0939Cooley (Benson D.) House
Throop (Elmer) House1901940 B StreetVernacular Street B 0940Throop (Elmer) House
Payne (Andrew) House1900954 B StreetVernacular (Queen Anne) Street B 0954Payne (Andrew) House
Porter (Frank) House1917548 C StreetBungalow Street C 0548Porter (Frank) House
McGinnis (Luke) Rental House II1900561 C StreetVernacular Street C 0561McGinnis (Luke) Rental House II
King-Mathes Rental House1908582 C StreetVernacular Street C 0582King-Mathes Rental House
King (Burton) House1908586 C StreetVernacular Street C 0586King (Burton) House
Ludlow-Stevens House1909746 C StreetVernacular Street C 0746Ludlow-Stevens House
Lane (Clarence) House1900880 C StreetVernacular Street C 0880Lane (Clarence) House
Maupin (Charles and Ella) House194527 Dewey StreetVernacularDewey 0027Maupin (Charles and Ella) House
Ashland Cemetery (National Register Listing #95000687)Main and Morton StreetsMain 0000Ashland Cemetery (National Register Listing #95000687)
Callahan-Mansfield House1928549 Main Street EastVernacularMain E 0549Callahan-Mansfield House
McCall (Jesse) House1890550 Main Street EastVernacularMain E 0550McCall (Jesse) House
Wilson-Byrd House1922555 Main Street EastBungalowMain E 0555Wilson-Byrd House
Rose (Charles & Laura) House1907568 Main Street EastBungalowMain E 0568Rose (Charles & Laura) House
Van Sant-Bryant House1901573 Main Street EastVernacularMain E 0573Van Sant-Bryant House
Long (O. W. & Minda) Rental House 1941574 Main Street EastBungalowMain E 0574Long (O. W. & Minda) Rental House
Hubbard-Hardy House1889581 Main Street EastVernacularMain E 0581Hubbard-Hardy House
Palethorpe (George) House1888585 Main Street EastVernacularMain E 0585Palethorpe (George) House
Currie (Joseph) Boarding House1908586 Main Street EastVernacularMain E 0586Currie (Joseph) Boarding House
Unknown House1920598 Main Street EastVernacularMain E 0598Unknown House
Reader (J. K.) Rental House1890600 Main Street EastVernacularMain E 0600Reader (J. K.) Rental House
Shultz (A. F.) House I1888637 Main Street EastVernacularMain E 0637Shultz (A. F.) House I
Morris (J. W. B. & Cynthia) House1900649 Main Street EastVernacularMain E 0649Morris (J. W. B. & Cynthia) House
Morris (J. W. B.) Rental House1902665 Main Street EastVernacularMain E 0665Morris (J. W. B.) Rental House
Long (Eliza) Rental House1909675 Main Street EastVernacularMain E 0675Long (Eliza) Rental House
Unknown House1909685 Main Street EastVernacularMain E 0685Unknown House
Wilson (Merritt & Nancy) House1905767 Main Street EastVernacular (Queen Anne)Main E 0767Wilson (Merritt & Nancy) House
Free Methodist Church Parsonage1908775 Main Street EastVernacular (Italianate)Main E 0775Free Methodist Church Parsonage
Free Methodist Church1908777 Main Street EastVernacular (Gothic Elements)Main E 0777Free Methodist Church
Howett-Bagley House1901855 Main Street EastVernacularMain E 0855Howett-Bagley House
Inlow-Sherard House1905881 Main Street EastVernacular (Queen Anne)Main E 0881Inlow-Sherard House
Crowson-Addison House1907916 Main Street EastVernacular cottageMain E 0916Crowson-Addison House
Callie Winter's Grocery1940917 Main Street EastBungalowMain E 0917Callie Winter's Grocery
Reid (Ethel) House1926933 Main Street EastBungalowMain E 0933Reid (Ethel) House
Bryant (T. W. and Delphia) House1889968 Main Street EastVernacular cottageMain E 0968Bryant (T. W. and Delphia) House
Jacobs-Slack house1920975 Main Street EastBungalowMain E 0975Jacobs-Slack house
Jacobs Rental House1910985 Main Street EastVernacularMain E 0985Jacobs Rental House
McCall House (National Register Listing #81000488)1883153 Oak StreetItalianateOak 0153McCall House (National Register Listing #81000488)
Coffee (George) House1908154 Oak StreetCraftsman BungalowOak 0154Coffee (George) House
Franco (Tony & Lulu)1946170 Oak StreetVernacular RevivalOak 0170Franco (Tony & Lulu)
Sherwin (Eugene) House1900171 Oak StreetVernacularOak 0171Sherwin (Eugene) House
Van Sant (James) House II1907181 Oak StreetCraftsman American FoursquareOak 0181Van Sant (James) House II
Angle (Levi) House1904191 Oak StreetVernacularOak 0191Angle (Levi) House
Ashland Oregon National Guard Armory (National Register Listing #87001564)1913208 Oak StreetCalifornia Mission RevivalOak 0208Ashland Oregon National Guard Armory (National Register Listing #87001564)
Chapman-Mickelson House1902209 Oak StreetQueen AnneOak 0209Chapman-Mickelson House
Smith (Elliott) House1907221 Oak StreetVernacular cottageOak 0221Smith (Elliott) House
Barnes (Albert) House1904239 Oak StreetVernacular wood frame dwelling with modest Queen Anne influencesOak 0239Barnes (Albert) House
Merley (Josiah) House1908247 Oak StreetVernacular hipped-roof cottageOak 0247Merley (Josiah) House
Loosely (George) House1917263 Oak StreetArts & Crafts BungalowOak 0263Loosely (George) House
Powell (D. Sherman) House1900281 Oak StreetArts & Crafts BungalowOak 0281Powell (D. Sherman) House
McNair (William) House1909303 Oak StreetArts & Crafts BungalowOak 0303McNair (William) House
McNair (William & Lorena) House1910323 Oak StreetThis Arts & Crafts Bungalow was built for druggist William H. McNair.Oak 0323McNair (William & Lorena) House
Powell (Thaddeus) House1910337 Oak StreetThis Arts & Crafts Bungalow was built for the miner, Thaddeus Powell, who live here with his wife until 1952.Oak 0337Powell (Thaddeus) House
1912Oak and A StreetsIndustrialOak 0350
Losher (James) House1904150 Pioneer Street NorthVernacularPioneer N 0150Losher (James) House
Mulit (Lloyd) House1905162 Pioneer Street NorthVernacularPioneer N 0162Mulit (Lloyd) House
Murphy (Roy) Rental House1941163 Pioneer Street NorthBungalowPioneer N 0163Murphy (Roy) Rental House
Vining-White House1884180 Pioneer Street NorthVernacular (Queen Anne)Pioneer N 0180Vining-White House
Hargrove (Anna & Ida) House1909185 Pioneer Street NorthCraftsman BungalowPioneer N 0185Hargrove (Anna & Ida) House
Ganiard (Lucinda) Rental House VI1900309 Pioneer Street NorthVernacularPioneer N 0309 1Ganiard (Lucinda) Rental House VI
Hay Warehouse1908309 1/2 Pioneer Street NorthIndustrialPioneer N 0309 2Hay Warehouse
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