National Register of Historic Places in Jackson County

National Register #86002925: Glenview Orchard Ensemble Near Phoenix 20 September 2006
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National Register #86002925
Glenview Orchard Ensemble
1395 Carpenter Hill Road
Built 1900-1928

The Glenview Orchard Ensemble was largely developed for Lawrence and Catherine Bragg after 1921. While once associated with more extensive holdings, the nucleus of the estate is now a parcel of four acres containing five contributing features: the estate house and its landscaped grounds, the orchard foreman's house, a barn, and two historic reservoir sheds once common in the locale but now rarely seen.

Each of these historically interdependent features was erected between 1900 and 1928 and each is intact.

The estate house is noteworthy as an example of period architecture influenced by the English Arts and Crafts style. It was erected in 1922 from plans by Frank C. Clark, and it was enlarged and refined by the original architect six years later.

The barn dates from prior ownership of the land, as does the foreman's house in the Craftsman vein.

The immediate precincts of the estate house are distinguished by rock walls and terraces, stone benches, a fireplace, and a pond with waterfall, all developed at Bragg's direction. Custom metal work on the house and grounds was designed by Bragg and fabricated by a local blacksmith.

Adapted from the NRHP nomination submitted in 1986.

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