National Register of Historic Places in Jackson County

National Register #79002072: South Oakdale Historic District in Medford Hedrick House
503 South Oakdale Avenue
Bungalow Built in 1908
22 September 2006
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National Register #79002072
South Oakdale Historic District
South Oakdale Avenue from Stewart Avenue to West 10th Street

South Oakdale Historic District is a lineal, 32-acre district in which South Oakdale Avenue forms the spine. The district, containing some seventy buildings, is perhaps the grandest of several well-preserved residential neighborhoods in Medford dating from the city's founding with the coming of the Oregon and California Railroad in 1883.

On either side of the tree-lined corridor are stately and more modest homes ranging in date from the late 1890s to the 1940s and including examples of the Queen Anne, Bungalow, Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival and other period styles. Outstanding among the residences are a number designed by the area's preeminent architect of the period, Frank Chamberlain Clark.

Adapted from the NRHP nomination submitted in 1966.

In 1982, a single building, the Amy Fay Gifford House, was added to the district.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Medford's Second Public School Building1884517 West 10th Street Street 10 W 0517Medford's Second Public School Building
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church1928326 South Oakdale AvenueRomanesque RevivalOakdale S 0326 1Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church
Sacred Heart Parish Rectory House1909326 South Oakdale AvenueColonial RevivalOakdale S 0326 2Sacred Heart Parish Rectory House
Norton (Judge H. D.) House1930408 South Oakdale AvenuePrairie and Mission stylesOakdale S 0408Norton (Judge H. D.) House
Garrett (George) House1905426 South Oakdale AvenueBungalow with Queen Anne elementsOakdale S 0426 Garrett (George) House
Fehl (Earl) House1900504 South Oakdale AvenueQueen AnneOakdale S 0504Fehl (Earl) House
Eads (Clarence) House1925522 South Oakdale AvenuePrairie style bungalowOakdale S 0522Eads (Clarence) House
Beeson House1926608 South Oakdale AvenueBungalowOakdale S 0608Beeson House
Dodge (John) House1910610 South Oakdale AvenueBungalowOakdale S 0610Dodge (John) House
Cunningham (A. B.) House1925616 South Oakdale AvenueTudorOakdale S 0616Cunningham (A. B.) House
Dillon-Ebel House1910620 South Oakdale AvenueBungalowOakdale S 0620Dillon-Ebel House
No Historic Name1910704 South Oakdale AvenueBuilt as single family home. Now multiple units.Oakdale S 0704No Historic Name
Tuttle (Harry) House1905706 South Oakdale AvenueItalianate with bungalow remodelingOakdale S 0706Tuttle (Harry) House
Hamlin (H. W.) House1927710 South Oakdale AvenueBungalowOakdale S 0710Hamlin (H. W.) House
Grey (Herbert) House1925714 South Oakdale AvenueBungalowOakdale S 0714Grey (Herbert) House
Alendorfer (O. O.) House1928718 South Oakdale AvenueSpanish Colonial RevivalOakdale S 0718Alendorfer (O. O.) House
The Cottages1937511-527 Dakota AvenueOne story, wood frame rental cottagesDakota 0511The Cottages
Reum-Kent House1910922 South Oakdale AvenueOakdale S 0922Reum-Kent House
Bardwell (Ralph) House19121002 South Oakdale AvenueCalifornia BungalowOakdale S 1002Bardwell (Ralph) House
English (Charles) House19101006 South Oakdale AvenueBungalowOakdale S 1006English (Charles) House
Neff (Porter) House1911516 Belmont AvenuePossible farmhouse with craftsman remodelingBelmont 0516Neff (Porter) House
Porter (Dr. Elias H.) House19101010 South Oakdale AvenueWestern Stick and BungalowOakdale S 1010Porter (Dr. Elias H.) House
Deuel (F. K.) House19091018 South Oakdale AvenueWestern Stick and ShingleOakdale S 1018Deuel (F. K.) House
Deuel (Halbert) House19251100 South Oakdale AvenueTudorOakdale S 1100Deuel (Halbert) House
Bradley (Thomas) House19391108 South Oakdale AvenueNorman Farmhouse and TudorOakdale S 1108Bradley (Thomas) House
Riddell House19101114 South Oakdale AvenueColonial RevivalOakdale S 1114Riddell House
Getchell (DelRoy) House19161121 South Oakdale AvenueColonial RevivalOakdale S 1121Getchell (DelRoy) House
Marshall House18951113 South Oakdale AvenueQueen AnneOakdale S 1113Marshall House
Treichlor-Depner House19071013 South Oakdale AvenueBungalowOakdale S 1013Treichlor-Depner House
Marshall-Orth-Drury House19101009 South Oakdale AvenueBungalowOakdale S 1009Marshall-Orth-Drury House
Naumes (J. P.) House19371001 South Oakdale AvenueCraftsmanOakdale S 1001Naumes (J. P.) House
Treichlor-Bromley House1912995 South Oakdale AvenueShingle StyleOakdale S 0995Treichlor-Bromley House
Schade (Larry) House1926989 South Oakdale AvenueTudorOakdale S 0989Schade (Larry) House
Thierolf (H. A.) House1936907 South Oakdale AvenueColonial RevivalOakdale S 0907Thierolf (H. A.) House
Medford Senior High School1931815 South Oakdale AvenueConcrete modernisticOakdale S 0815Medford Senior High School
Quisenberry (Walter) House1928715 South Oakdale AvenueColonial RevivalOakdale S 0715Quisenberry (Walter) House
Whitman-Harris House1895707 South Oakdale AvenueItalianate with Colonial remodelingOakdale S 0707Whitman-Harris House
Blood House1935701 South Oakdale AvenueOakdale S 0701Blood House
Whitman-Williams-Applegate House1885615 South Oakdale AvenueItalianateOakdale S 0615Whitman-Williams-Applegate House
Leverette (Walter) House1927611 South Oakdale AvenueNorman FarmhouseOakdale S 0611Leverette (Walter) House
Myers (O. V.) House1909609 South Oakdale AvenueBungalowOakdale S 0609Myers (O. V.) House
Warner (L. B.) House1895519 South Oakdale AvenueQueen AnneOakdale S 0519Warner (L. B.) House
Warner (William) House1907511 South Oakdale AvenueColonial RevivalOakdale S 0511Warner (William) House
Samuelson-VonderHellen House1928507 South Oakdale AvenueColonial RevivalOakdale S 0507Samuelson-VonderHellen House
Hedrick (E. H.) House1908503 South Oakdale AvenueBungalowOakdale S 0503Hedrick (E. H.) House
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