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National Register of Historic Places in Washoe County

Site of Mizpah Hotel in Reno Site of Mizpah Hotel
18 March 2016
Site of Mizpah Hotel in Reno
18 March 2016
National Register #84000086: Pincolini Hotel in Reno 1984 Photograph Submitted with the NRHP Nomination

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National Register #84000086
Pincolini Hotel
AKA Mizpah Hotel
214 Lake Street
Built 1922
Burned 2006

The Pincolini (Mizpah Hotel) was built in three stages. The original five-bay structure was built in 1922. Major additions were added in 1925 and 1930 resulting in a three-story, ten-bay, brick commercial block with retail space on the ground floor and a hotel above. Before it was destroyed by fire in 2006, it was a well-preserved example of an early 20th century residential hotel, an architectural type which was once common to downtown Reno.

The Pincolini Hotel was significant for its historical association with Reno's Little Italy, a district which served as the center for Italian commercial and community activity in Reno. Little Italy was noted for its commercial diversity which included grocery stores, liquor stores, insurance agencies, a travel agency and hotels.

The Pincolini family, immigrated to Nevada from Parma, Italy, between 1896 and 1905.

Joseph Pincolini, the first family member to settle in the Reno area, purchased the San Rafael Ranch. The Pincolini family acquired substantial agricultural acreage in northern Nevada and were among the first in northern Nevada to employ mechanized farming methods which allowed the Pincolini's to realize substantial profits from farming.

Source: Adapted from the NRHP Nomination Form submitted in 1984.

In 2006, the Mizpah Hotel was a residential hotel. On the night of October 31, a tenant placed a mattress against one of the doors and set it on fire.

The hotel was destroyed. Twelve people died.

A tenant pleaded guilty to twelve counts of first degree murder and one count of arson. She testified that she had been drinking and taking drugs that night and didn't even remember the fire.

Mizpah Hotel

Built in 1922 by the Pincolini brothers Joseph, Adelvaldo, Evaristo and Dante.

Listed in the National Register of Historical Places, it served the community well for eighty four years.

Destroyed by fire on October 31, 2006

In remembrance of those who perished

Alford Edward Yates
Gregory Jack Wiltse
Kevin M. Sutherin
Ernest James Duarte
William John Serrao
Paul D. Smith
Unknown Victim
Christopher James Covert
Jeremy Lee Wren
Nadine Inge Nicodemus
Diana Barbara Pochini
Philip James Bridges

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