National Register of Historic Places in Storey County

National Register #93000688: Parish House in Virginia City
27 February 2008
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National Register #93000688
Parish House
109 South F Street
Virginia City
Built 1876

Mining engineer, Goodwin C. Jones, built this large Italianate house in 1876. the Jones family lived here until 1884.

In 1935, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Reno, Thomas German, purchased the house. Until 1970, it was the rectory for St. Mary in the Mountains Catholic Church and became known as the Parish House. In 1970, the bishop began renting the house to individuals. In 1977, he sold it.

Two mining timbers were used as an integral part of the foundation. A two hundred gallon kerosine tank in the attic supplied all lamp fixtures on both floors through a piping system. Moldings, doors, door frames and window frames are made of clear white pine painted with a faux grain which was a popular finish when the house was built.

The Parish House stands square and true. When one sights down the north side of the building, the redwood tongue and groove lumber is straight and in good shape. The roof is straight as are all the vertical corners. The floor joists are straight. The only noticeable change is the bay windows, which appear to have settled a few inches. There are minor cracks in the ceiling plaster and ample evidence that many people in the past have spent a lot of time repairing those and other cracks.

Adapted from the NRHP nomination submitted in 1995.

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