Nevada Historic Markers in Humboldt County

Nevada Historical Marker 146
McDermitt Indian Reservation
US 95
South of McDermitt

McDermitt Indian Reservation

In the mid-1860's many Paiutes returning from Oregon's Indian reservation here joined some from the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation (home of the "Cui-ui Eaters") because of poor treatment and dishonest dealings of U.S. Indian agents. These Indians settled contentedly about Fort McDermitt, preferring the generosity and kindness of the military. They aided the local military against Bannocks and others resisting Caucasian takeover of traditional Indian lands.

Nearby mercury mines have furnished employment for Indians adjusting to the lifestyle of the "white man." Likewise the local precision assembly industry utilizes the dexterity skills of the Indians today. Red and green clays from the canyon are now made into pottery.

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