Nevada Historic Markers in Humboldt County

Nevada Historical Marker 143
Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins
McDermitt Indian Reservation

Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins

The northern Paiute name Thocmetony (Shell-Flower) was bestowed on this valiant daughter of Chief W innemucca and grandchild of the redoubtable Captain Truckee a friend and supporter of General John C. Fremont. Sarah sought understanding between her people and whites when the latter trekked across and settled on Indian homelands. By lecturing, by writing a book (presumably the first in English by an Indian woman) and by founding a nongovernment school for Indian children, she worked tirelessly to remedy injustice and to advocate peace. Here at Fort McDermitt as interpreter and teacher she served well both Indians and the U.S. military. This exceptional Indian woman, a leader of her race, believed in the brotherhood of mankind.

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