Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Nevada County

St. Columncille's Church 14 December 2013
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St. Columncille's Church
23457 North Bloomfield Road
North Bloomfield
Built 1860

A marker on the building reads:

St. Columncille's Catholic Church

St. Columncille's Catholic Church, formerly the Bridgeport Union Guard Hall, was used in 1860 to train men for the Civil War under Capt. Frank Coffey of French Corral.

In 1880 it was purchased as a house of worship for the Catholics of the ridge towns.

In 1969 it was purchased by Babe Pinaglia and given to the park.

It is located on the site of the Catholic Church that once served the miners of North Bloomfield.

Like most wooden civic structures built during the California Gold Rush, St. Columncille's Church is Greek Revival in style.

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