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Cutting's Wharf 16 December 2017
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Cutting's Wharf
Cuttings Wharf Road
Built 1893

The marker reads:

Cutting's Wharf

Francis Cutting was born in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1834 and arrived in San Francisco in 1858. After establishing himself in the fruit packing business he sought to expand operations to fruit growing as well and looked here for a wharf site and orchard land. In 1893 a wharf site and land for a road to it was acquired. From this wharf, paddled-wheeled steamboats carried fruit from Cutting's orchards, and for a wharfage fee, the fruit of area farmers to bay area canneries. Cutting's operations ended in 1909 and the wharf site was purchased by Napa County in 1924.

Dedicated March 24, 1990
Rededicated April 14, 2012
Sam Brannan Chapter #1004
E Clampus Vitus

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