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Historic Point of Interest in Monterey County: Jolon Tidball Store in a field of wild mustard.

Historic Point of Interest in Jolon: St. Luke's Church

Point of Historic Interest in Jolon: St. Luke's Church St. Luke's Church
Consecrated October 11, 1885

24 May 2018
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Jolon Road
Established 1860s


The town of Jolon (pronounced Hōe-Lōne) was established in the 1860s to meet the needs of miners traveling to the Los Burros Mining District on the coast. It later developed into the center of commercial and social activity in southern Monterey County.

Its gradual demise began with the completion of the Southern Pacific Railroad and the subsequent development of the King City area.

The town came under ownership of William Randolph Hearst in the 1920s. In 1940 Hearst sold the property to the U.S. Army, its current owner.

Dedicated by the Monterey Viejo Chapter 1846
6 Oct. 1990 - 5995

I well remember the fist time I heard of Jolon. It was in 1959 when the Kingston Trio released their first live album, ...from the Hungry i. I was captivated by one song in particular, South Coast, which went in part:

My name is Lonjano de Castro
My father was a Spanish grandee
But I won my wife in a card game
To hell with those lords o’er the sea

Well the South Coast is wild coast and lonely
You might win in a game at Jolon
But a lion still rules the barranca
And a man there is always alone

I turned up the ace...l had won her
My heart, which was down in my feet,
Jumped up to my throat in a hurry –
Like a young summer’s day she was sweet.

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