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MacKerricher Beach MacKerricher Beach

MacKerricher State Park

MacKerricher State Park

MacKerricher State Park Lake Cleone

3 May 2022
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MacKerricher State Park
24100 MacKerricher Park Road
North of Fort Bragg
Since 1949

The park extends approximately nine miles along the coast. The shoreline of its southern portion consists of rocky headlands, separated by sandy beaches and coves, while miles of gently sloping beach make up the northern half.

For thousands of years, the Northern Pomo and the Coast Yuki thrived on the natural riches of this area. The resources were so plentiful that other local native groups were routinely permitted to travel through Pomo and Yuki lands to fish and to collect seaweed, shellfish, acorns, and other foods. Today Native American descendants still gather foods and other resources in the practice of their tribal traditions.

Duncan MacKerricher and his wife moved to this area from Canada in 1864. A few years later, he bought 1,000 acres and named the land Rancho de la Laguna. He raised cattle, hogs, and draft horses. After a wharf was built at Laguna Point, MacKerricher allowed a gravity-fed railway to be built on his land from Cleone to Laguna Point. MacKerricher’s holdings became the core of the park when his heirs sold the property to the State in 1949.

Source: California Department of Parks and Recreation

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