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Fort Bragg Redwood Tree

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3 May 2022
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Fort Bragg Redwood Tree
343 North Main Street
Fort Bragg
Felled 1943

The redwood tree has tree interpretive markers.

This section of the largest Redwood Tree known to have grown in Mendocino County is dedicated this day, September 6, 1943 by the citizens of the City of Fort Bragg
To the memory of
Charles Russell Johnson
Who founded their city Aug. 5, 1889

Tree Data

Tree felled in Big Bear Creek of Ten Mile River Drainage April 18, 1943

Estimated age - 1,753 years

Age of section - 1,728 years

Height of tree - 334 feet

Length of tree made into logs - 204 feet

Diameter of stump - 21 feet

Log scale - 140,800 ft. B.M. Spaulding Scale

A saw 22 ft. in length was used to fall the tree

Actual time required for cutting tree was 80 man-hours

Historical Events in the Life of This Tree

0. 190 Tree started as seedling

1. 215 First year of this section

2. 311 Christianity recognized legally

3. 395 Roman Empire Divided

4. 652 Beginning of Mohammedanism

5. 800 Charlemagne became Emperor of the West

6. 982 Holy Roman Empire restored

7. 1066 Normans conquer England

8. 1188 Order of Knights Templar founded

9. 1215 Magna Charta signed

10. 1295 Marco Polo returned to Venice

11. 1492 Columbus discovered America

12. 1542 Cabrillo discovered California from sea

13. 1832 Gustavus II, Great Swedish King died

14. 1776 Declaration of Independence

15. 1851 First sawmill in Mendocino County

16. 1885 C.R. Johnson built sawmill at Fort Bragg

17. 1943 Year this tree was cut

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