California Historical Landmarks in Marin County

California Historical Landmark 529
Angel Island
Hospital Cove
Angel Island

Angel Island Immigration Station
25 April 2005
Angel Island Immigration Station and San Francisco Skyline
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Angel Island

In 1775, the packet San Carlos, first known Spanish ship to enter San Francisco Bay, anchored in this cove. While here, the commander, Lieut. Juan Manual de Ayala, directed the first survey of the bay. This island, which Ayala named Isla de los Angeles, has been a Mexican rancho, a U.S. military post, a bay defense site, and a quarantine and immigration station.

Citation from California Office of Historic Preservation

Lieut. Ayala anchored his ship in a cove "within a pistol shot" of the shore. Until 1900, this cove was named Raccoon Cove. In 1900, after the United States Army built a hospital nearby, the name was changed to Hospital Cove which lasted until 1969 when the name was changed to Ayala Cove. The strait between Angel Island and the Tiburon Peninsula is still called Raccoon Strait.

When the San Carlos was anchored here, Angel Island was heavily forested with California oak, bay, and madrone. Soon after the world rushed in 1849, the island had been completely deforested to provide lumber and firewood. The Army planted Australian eucalyptus which adapted well and are the main trees on the island today.

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