California Historical Landmarks in Marin County

California Historical Landmark 222
Olema Lime Kilns
State Highway 1
300 Feet West of Highway
4.2 Miles South of Olema

California Historical Landmark #222: Olema Lime Kilns
Historic American Buildings Survey
1934 Photograph
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Olema Lime Kilns

Tradition is that the lime kilns were built by Russian stonemasons and worked by Indians during the Russian occupation of Sonoma County, which began in the spring of 1812. The Russians probably used the lime to whitewash their windmills, farm buildings, granaries, storehouses, and cattle yards, to tan hides, and to manufacture brick and tile.

Citation from California Office of Historic Preservation

For more information about the Olema Lime Kilns, please see National Register Landmark 76000217.

We were unable to locate a California commemorative plaque for the Olema Lime Kilns. Here's a list of other California Historical Landmarks which had no bear flag plaque when we visited them.

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