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Historical Site in Inyo County, California: Dolomite Mine Near Keeler
State Route 190 Northeast of Darwin
18 February 2007
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Dolomite Mine
State Route 136
Near Keeler
Year 1883

Dolomite Mine

In 1862 this high quality deposit of dolomitic limestone was discovered. Its remote location delayed development until 1883, when the Carson & Colorado Railroad was constructed. In 1885, Drew Haven Dunn filed a mining claim and the Inyo Marble Company began quarrying operations. The property was purchased in 1959 by Premiere Marble Products. They produced dolomite marble in several colors and its final product is widely used in terrazzo flooring, roofing, landscaping and chemical filters.

Premiere Marble was purchased by its present owner F. W. Aggregates, in 1992 and continues operations to this day. It is the largest dolomite marble mine in the United States. A recent survey of the mines [sic] potential revealed that the dolomire deposit is approximately seven miles long and 1,400 feet deep, giving it a virtual unlimited supply for many years to come. Plant superintendent, Manuel Castro has denerously donated these large white dolomite rocks for Slim Princess Chapter's historic plaques for the past 35 years.

Dedicated June 17, 2006
Slim Princess Chapter 395
E Clampus Vitus

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