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The Cannery Lady in Antioch 10 November 2004
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A photograph of the statue from a different angle is available at National Register Listing 93001020, Roswell Butler Hard House

The Cannery Lady
800 West Front Street

A plaque on the statue pedestal reads:

The Cannery Lady

In the early 19th century many canneries operated throughout California. The rich agricultural and fishing areas of East Contra Costa County hosted a number of canneries and packing sheds. The picturesque Antioch waterfront was home to two canneries and one packing shed.

Hickmott Canning Company, also known as Hickmott Foods, was on the river on the East side of town. Western California Canners, later known as Tillie Lewis Foods, occupied the waterfront on the West side of town. Between the two, located adjacent to the railroad, was the Santa Fe Packing Shed where asparagus was packaged and shipped to all areas of the country by the Santa Fe Railroad.

The community of Pittsburg was home to fish canneries, the most renowned [sic] being F. E. Booth Canning Company, also established in Monterey, California.

The cannery workers were primarily women that sought seasonal employment. To preserve the history of our canneries, our communities, and to honor the hard working people of East County, the theme of a woman cannery worker was selected.

It is hoped that through the use of art, we will bind our community together. The Cannery Lady Statue demonstrates our pride in, and recognition of, the contributions made by our earlier residents, the workers of East County.

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