California Historical Landmarks in Calaveras County

California Historical Landmark 286
Rail Road Flat
North Railroad Flat Road and Summit Level Road
Rail Road Flat

California Historical Landmark #286: Rail Road Flat

11 October 2006
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Rail Road Flat

This historic mining town, elevation 2,600 feet, was founded in 1849 and named after primitive muledrawn ore cars used here. The center of rich placer and quartz mining, its largest producer was the Petticoat Mine. As a result of black fever, the town's population was decimated in 1880. The post office established in 1857, the Edwin Taylor store built in 1867, and the site of an Indian council house are among present-day attractions.

Registered Historical Landmark No. 286

Plaque placed by California State Park Commission in cooperation with Rail Road Flat Community Club.
August 4, 1957

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