California Historical Landmarks in Calaveras County

California Historical Landmark 280
Glencoe (Mosquito Gulch)
SR 26 Near Norwich Mine Road

California Historical Landmark #280: Glencoe (Mosquito Gulch)
California Historical Landmark #280: Glencoe (Mosquito Gulch)
Glencoe 95232
11 October 2006
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Glencoe (Mosquito Gulch)

Glencoe was formerly called Mosquito Gulch. The business portion of the town was on the north side of Mosquito Gulch, but not one of the old buildings remains. The mines were first worked by the Mexicans in the early 1850s - quartz mining predominated but there was some placer mining.

Citation from California Office of Historic Preservation

We could not locate a commemorative plaque for Mosquito Gulch.

All we could find of Glencoe was an abandoned building which had once housed a Beauty Shoppe and the post office for Glencoe 95232. This zip code is almost a ghost zip with a population of seventeen souls according to the 2000 United States Census.

However, I have been advised by a Glencoe resident that as of January 2011 the population is 189.

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