William A. Knowles (1874-1916)

3236 Pacific Avenue at the Presidio Wall 3236 Pacific Avenue
A First Bay Tradition House
2 July 2012
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Name Year Address City Sort Address Sort Name
California Club 19071750 Clay StreetSan FranciscoClay 1750California Club
Platt House1904200 Locust Street San FranciscoLocust 200Platt House
Residence1906123 Edgewood Avenue San FranciscoEdgewood 123Residence
Residence19053839 Jackson Street San FranciscoJackson 3839Residence
Residence19053236 Pacific AvenueSan FranciscoPacific 3236Residence
Residence19083240 Pacific Avenue San FranciscoPacific 3240Residence

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