National Register of Historic Places in Alameda County

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National Register #00000361
Oakland Waterfront Warehouse District
Bounded by I-880, Madison Street, 2nd Street, and Webster Street

This 160 acre Historic District contains twenty-four contributing buildings and one contributing structure.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
W. P. Fuller and Company Warehouse Annex225 3rd Street Street 03 225W. P. Fuller and Company Warehouse Annex
Historical Name Unknown255 3rd Street Street 03 255Historical Name Unknown
American Bag Company Annex 281 3rd Street Street 03 281 American Bag Company Annex
American Bag and Union Hide Company Building 299 3rd Street Street 03 299American Bag and Union Hide Company Building
S&W Fine Foods, Inc. Warehouse200 4th Street and 400 Jackson Street Street 04 200S&W Fine Foods, Inc. Warehouse
Safeway Stores Corporate Headquarters201 4th Street Street 04 201Safeway Stores Corporate Headquarters
Western States Grocery Company247 4th Street Street 04 247Western States Grocery Company
C. L. Greeno Company255 4th Street Street 04 255C. L. Greeno Company
Oakland Wholesale Grocery Company, Inc. 267 4th Street Street 04 267Oakland Wholesale Grocery Company, Inc.
Nelson Lee Paper Company270 4th Street Street 04 270Nelson Lee Paper Company
Makins Produce Company Warehouse 278 4th Street Street 04 278Makins Produce Company Warehouse
Oakland Wholesale Grocery283 4th Street Street 04 283Oakland Wholesale Grocery
Wright's West Warehouse292 4th Street Street 04 292Wright's West Warehouse
Impurgia Warehouse302 4th Street Street 04 302Impurgia Warehouse
Oakland Poultry Company 308 4th Street Street 04 308Oakland Poultry Company
Oakland Plumbling Supply and P.E. O'Hair Company 309 4th Street Street 04 309Oakland Plumbling Supply and P.E. O'Hair Company
Historical Name Unknown287 5th Street Street 05 287Historical Name Unknown
Autocar Sales and Service Company401 Alice StreetAlice 401Autocar Sales and Service Company
United Grocers Warehouse 426 Alice StreetAlice 426United Grocers Warehouse
Poultry Producers of Central California 229 Harrison Street and 307 3rd Street Harrison 229Poultry Producers of Central California
George A. Posey Tube Oakland Portal415 Harrison Street Harrison 415George A. Posey Tube Oakland Portal
Industrial Bearing Company Building 417 Harrison Street Harrison 417Industrial Bearing Company Building
Western California Fish Compnay425 Harrison Street Harrison 425Western California Fish Compnay
Quong Tai Shrimp Company432-438 Harrison Street Harrison 432Quong Tai Shrimp Company
Historical Name Unknown401 Jackson StreetJackson 401Historical Name Unknown
Tyre Brothers Glass Company300-310 Webster Street Webster 300Tyre Brothers Glass Company
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