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Moody Morn in the Perched Village of Mons 24 March 2006
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Population: 459
Elevation: 811 meters
Department: Var

Mons is perched high on a rocky ridge and from various parts of town, the views are spectacular. On a clear day, the Mediterranean and even Corsica can be seen. But on the day of our visit, the village was engulfed in a thick fog. Walking the entire length of the town, we encountered nary a soul, observed only by a single cat who accompanied us the entire distance, probably curious why anyone would be out in such chilling weather.

Our drive from Seillans was just as chilling. We had taken a back route through the hills and as we rose from 1200 to 2600 feet, our narrow and winding road seemed to get more narrow and more winding. At the edge of the road, the hillside dropped precipitously. No guard rails and only a few flimsy plastic reflecting posts. Driving in the hills of southern France is not for the timid. Cars move fast, drivers are impatient, and America-style guard rails are generally nonexistent, although you may sometimes find a three or four inch high rock wall to keep you from driving off the precipice. It was off just such a road that Princess Grace's car tumbled in 1982.

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