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War Memorial in Les Arcs sur Argens
La Ville des Arcs
A Ses Morts Glorieux
Aux Français o Outre Mer
Mort Pour la Patrie

(Inscription on Base of Statue)

Saracen Tower in Les Arcs sur Argens Provençal Flag Flies on the Saracen Tower

Both Photos 9 March 2006
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Les Arcs sur Argens

A Ses Morts Glorieux: 1914-1918 et 1939-1945

In any French village or town, you're likely to find a monument to the dead of World War I.

Millions of European men died from 1914 to 1918, but among the Great Powers, France suffered most. Of her entire population, over 11% were killed or wounded. On these monuments are inscribed the names of the dead, and the list often seems much too long for the size of the town. We read four or five identical surnames and wonder if they were all from the same family, or was the name simply a common one in the town? How many families lost sons, husbands, fathers or brothers?

On some monuments, the names of those lost in World War II, Indochina, and Algeria have been added; but these are few compared to those lost in the Great War. The monuments are a sobering and sad reminder that almost an entire generation of young men was wiped out in just four years.

Provençal and Catalan Flags

The Saracen Tower flies a traditional red and gold Provençal flag which dates from the early 12th Century and is based on the coat of arms of the house of Aragon.

The Catalan flag also contains the red and gold stripes of Aragon, except that the stripes are horizontal.

The designs of boths flag are very old, possibly the oldest still in use, and their origin is uncertain. Popular myths depict a mortally wounded knight kneeling before his conqueror in homage, dipping his fingers in his own blood and painting four vertical stripes on the victor's golden shield.

Perhaps the story is true.

"Isn't it pretty to think so?"

Population in the year 2007: 6,217
Elevation: 60 meters
Region: Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Department: Var
District: Draguignan
Township: Lorgues

Source: Map-France

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