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War Memorial and Chateau in Entrecasteaux
War Memorial and Chateau
6 March 2006
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Population: 863
Elevation: 156 meters
Department: Var

Nestled in a valley alongside the Bresque River, Entrecasteaux is a quiet town that still looks as it might have two or three centuries ago. Entering the village, we pass along a promenade lined on one side by cafes and shops under a cover of mature plane trees. Many of the houses found in the narrow streets also date back to the 16th century. Dominating the town is the 17th century chateau which was restored in the 1970's by a Scottish painter and is now a museum. Below the chateau are formal public gardens, said to have been designed by André Le Nôtre, the famous landscape architect who created the great gardens at Versailles for Louis XIV. Along the river, one can find several centuries-old buildings and the Pont St. Pierre, a stone bridge reconstructed in 1725 after a flood wiped out its predecessor.

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